Regardless of your homes are not willing to,Hoge 遲早 required that Kyota

Press:This natural person
Publishing Day:2011In May
Individual competitions:★★★☆

Purchase if the written 這本,In life, just some things that need to switched,But a few months later began reading。

Yes give us written expectations 些落 difference 這本,Thought to be able to see of some of the more unique opinions or views,Even experienced,But in fact the book more like the story of the confluence,Collation of all story-based,Of the story behind the comment,Therefore read,I never have forgotten what this book aims to。

Non-representative certificate good 這本 這不 當然,As I said earlier,Only with the demands of a gap.,The book is still part of the discussion is worth learning and reference。

Catalogue of [section]

Like my two boxes of bags,Filled full of goals,But forget the first view of these objectives is what is really wanted,Or unnecessary burden? ,Whether it can make our life better?


We often forget,The hearts of luggage can be put down,Happy because we really need、happy,往往 跟 这些 欲望 无关

"Trouble" can not help you resolve the pain,Only "action" to solve the problem,And if she encountered a problem that can not be changed,Then worry no use,It would be better to put yourself spirit can begin to work towards the。

Mentioning that since the method is、Is the focus of the beginning,Next is to put reinstituted;Progress will be lifted and put down in between,Grade-level rise。


Megumi minute feeding someone else 將恩,We non-parallel 們 loss Inmo 會讓,Instead, let our hearts richer!


Toru 樂是 minutes of moderate comfort 傾訴,But it will become excessive show off。Truly confident man,Heart will have a stable and objective evaluation,Only a lack of confidence,Will need vision attention by others,To affirm his worth。


The defects Sometimes God ingenious arrangement,But also personal growth、Gain experience time。Force,May not be able to get good results!


Put down the dissatisfaction of their own situation,We must believe:Currently we have,Whether good times、adversity,Naturally its significance,End to see if we can learn to understand growth。Sometimes the moment of loss,May not be will not become a future harvest.


You will take control of their emotions key placed in the hands of others,Let the other party to control your mood。Because of your emotional ups and downs with each other,Natural feeling powerless of the present situation,Can only complain and anger as the only option。


Heart the words of America,To see what will be pleasing to the eye。


其实 只要 不 执着 于 这些 缺点,Will find its plasticity。Rather than waste time has not changed the fact,Why do not we learn to discover other advantages?


Yes 來就 retaining any non-raw 是 being average,But by him obtained from the study all,To create your own。


One foot flat the violet,It the fragrance lingers on in that heel,This is forgiveness。


Retaliation when an individual budget 當打,First to feel the pain,Be yourself;When ready to forgive a person,Will first be released,Will be your own!


"Forgiveness" is not only to pardon each other,More importantly, the,To be released from the negative emotional cage!


You because of a lack of confidence,Sign someone else expectations for completion,Constantly force yourself to change。A lack of confidence,Of self-ku, non-self human 欣賞 懂得 Ren,How can we win others' appreciation of it?


A life is not without setbacks,However, each through a setback,You are the more strong,Also represents the problem-solving skills to new heights which


Life is inevitable after the disappointments,But the point is to not be discouraged,But to think about how to solve it。There must solve the dilemma of the Road,Side to see that we are willing to have the courage to challenge it!


若想要克服恐懼,Do not always think only of their own;Find a way to help others,Fear will disappear。


Frustration when looking 們遇 當我,Prime factors of function palm receipt Tsuku 們不 we give 那些 其為,It would be better ideas into action,Seize the best control and change,We can avoid becoming victims of,Beat stress of life。


Sum of the great life of the great work,Not rely on force to complete,But by adhere to complete。


Life does not make sense in fact depends on their own ideas,The story of the original pencil life is unfortunately written in silence consumption,However, the value of new pencils never find their pay in。As long as we are dedicated to his life、Cherish this life,Even if there is no fame,Significance 呢 沒有 們的 說我 life who also function?


A lot of people eager to express themselves,But very few people know how to let go of the wisdom of……To determine what they really want is,And reduce unnecessary pursuit and desire,Is available to make life you want to show the landscape。


"I believe people have a robust force,Life has thus become rich;Suspected,But it will suppress the occurrence of this force。


Rage,For someone else's fault,Punish yourself


們 grudge when someone else 當我,Hearts will certainly have upset、Painful feeling,Difficult to quiet comfortable。Hate deeper,Suffering the more intense,To the final has been often confuse punishing own,Or punish others。


Really hard to forgive one once I'm sorry people,But only tried to put down、forgive,Can make the pain disappear,To make physical and mental freedom,Enjoy peace。

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