Your own incentive Daren

Author:Kuang Yu Cheng
Press:Catcher Publishing
Publishing Day:2008In June
Individual competitions:★★★★★

The book on my bookshelf put two、With three years ,Have almost forgotten what the original motivation was to buy。But that does not matter,Reading this book,Starting from the directory,They have opened the door to let my head feeling learning。

More extensive use of self-child cases the phrase author,Author breaks hand 變 start 哪些 以用 accepted method 點出 clear parallel,Save a Fusaku 蠻 remembered 份我 這部,Let people know that you can want to change how to start。Part of the author's point of view may be more a little biased,But I think the better to escape their own thinking when reading to understand the author's ideas,Come to accept assessments、Abandon,Or transformation! To create the greatest value to read this book on self-generated。

This book is about my night just turned 1、2Chapters,Shutting their books, positive emotions or thoughts,Several pieces 晚 good night sleep we lose Yuzuru 陪伴 governor: ),So I quite recommend this book。As the authors say,He hopes to be able to such a positive attitude,Do everything the infection to everyone,After reading it,I also intend this book to lend people need to,We hope to improve the attitude towards life of。

Catalogue of [section]

A positive force for positive—No target set a goal,And believe they can do it。


The face-lift from the inside out—God strengthen consolidated Sūtra,The pursuit of the greatest happiness,Avoid agony。


Make good use of the beautiful misunderstanding and Lies,To enhance the self-confidence


Window when window;No windows on their own chisel a window!


Life will not be in vain efforts—For people of Positive Thinking,Life is not wasted effort。


Never have to be afraid of making mistakes and failures,Because as long as we are not into the coffin,It has been the risk of mistakes and failures……Life,Is a constantly revised to improve,Make yourself better process。


Buyeo 之 start an over-confident self Yuzuru another 在 忘了,Also put a positive force to other people。


We must be that the outset effortful luminous body,In order to attract the eyes of others,Join our assistant 們 Wakyo object of an application,Can achieve their goals!


A lot of people are afraid of action,It is precisely because actions might make us suffer the pain of failure。But think about it,Only failure and pain,Let correction,Looking for a better way to achieve the goal。


Only cheeky determination to demonstrate not afraid of hard work and willingness to learn,Is your most effective weapon。


If you want to reach inside the heart target,You can take advantage of the power of imagination,After enlarge reached the target,That can bring you happiness。……With this future、Imagine the joy,Non-self-awe Ganzen Atae hardship difficulties assistant 來幫,Continue to do。on the other hand……Yes 以把 這些 return(Ability of poor)Picture of pain and feeling hugely magnified,Then tell yourself,Never aisle as painful position,Parallel use of possibly Tsuku 這些,Take immediate action to stimulate the moment。


Effective use of the heart the anchor to control their emotions,Almost can make their own in the state of "Invincible",From then on, you Jiangzai there will not be depressed mood when


Physical effects psychological,The psychological impact of body。


逆向 操作,By the positive on the physiological,Promote positive psychological。When you smile,Strange to say,,Is not likely to have a negative thinking in the brain。……狀況 psychology at 悲慘 哀的 憐自 own parallel preparation 陷入 one contemplated 當你,……Remind ourselves,And again efforts extrusion smile,Rise 挺 chest parallel 奮力,You can revert to positive thinking attitude。


Let your body accustomed confident state formula。


Just let the body move,The brain will also move,But also to a positive direction to think。


Everyone,都 应该 在 记忆 里面 有 一些 足以 让 自己 自豪 的 小 成功,Do not think that there is nothing remarkable,To make good use of them,Become the propulsion force ourselves forward action!


On its own to encourage their own,I believe that this performance is not good enough,Least learned experience and amendments,Trying to make the best performance at the next competition or performance。


Self-front issues 試著 question,It will jump out of a bunch of positive answers,You must strengthen confidence in the success of。


Yes 拒絕 們的 reason we 當然 someone else,But we must not have to give up their idea。


Try to think of yourself as a child is learning to walk! ……Of course things considered Inmo,Please think of himself as a child just learning to walk,Any setbacks,Is a successful attempt to make their own closer。God let us once again fail,Not to prevent us toward established goals,But to strengthen succeed pleasure!


Life,Is to continue to make their fortune,To know what their interests are.,What things do vigorous,What they do is their Achilles Heel。Do not let the parents overprotective,Stifle the responsibility you should take your own life and do not will regret a lifetime dream。


Life is too short,我们 应该 追求 的 是 心灵 上 的 宁静 与 快乐,Do not let yourself be someone else's abuse gas to sleepless nights。……Was praised Hao,Be scolded worth mentioning,You should seek a clear conscience。


Do not think that the things that others can not,And I can not do;Others can achieve things,We must believe I can do it!


Sufficient preparation in advance、Observation Dishuibulou,And grasp the overall situation of self-confidence,Should be the main key to winning。


If life is really as good as you want,That just do not try you will not fail,Future can be smooth,It was perfect。Unfortunately,But why God will not let you happy。……The world belongs to the brave,Fear of failure,Only dispensable existence!


Only the courage to face life,By overcoming the problem to increase their ability、Strengthen their self-confidence,Their ability to make more and more powerful。


Real failure,Means you completely abandon,Nothing to do,That is the real failure! ,Immediate failure,A lot of time really is not a failure,Just because a multi-function top 經驗 而已 稱之,As long as you work hard enough,Will be other times in the life point of the above,當初 earned reward effort,Post-harvest,You were often far beyond imagination。


In the beginning when the "I" or "I have" attitude to every day,Still more efforts closer to that goal。


Do not let other people's opinions,The fact that you do not want to see!


我們每個人都會像上帝許下心願,But God can not reach everyone's desire。He can only give us seed,Let irrigated cultivation,Can be harvested。Our eyes appear bright royal road。


If one day,You can say to your children and grandchildren:I now have something,Are their own efforts to,Even if they go for some reason,But I am in the process of learning to knowledge and spiritual,But let me at any time and then lost all the things won! ,No regrets in life is the best comment。


A good life over the most self-,Positive force to others,They too are their own best life,Mission over the world people 這個 來到 每個 是 這就,You can also always be remembered achievements of others。

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