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After two and half years ago since the blog layout editing sharply,They never go turn over,During the first paper stumbled message board message will go to the right,The column on the right is blocked,Thought it was a bad time to change his original attempt to change the css of,Given understand css,Let go of this situation has been tanking…

  最近在公司架Joomla系統,開始試著去查詢一些css語法,慢慢發現其實也沒很難懂,幾乎都是html的語法,So the idea was soon open up。

  前兩天想起部落格的這個問題,On the rise debug idea。After a simple test,發現原來這問題是當初我選擇的佈景就有問題,而不是被我改壞的,Really is little point。

  原先想說既然是留言板的問題,就從留言板的CSS參數下手,But how to change useless。Just do a comprehensive cross test,終於找出問題所在,問題就出在"頁數"的css定義,這邊的定義多了一行"float: left;",也就是文繞圖效果,導致本來應該在下一行的最新留言,"爬"上來到頁數後面,Resulting in layout & quot; was fine & quot; the。


  順便推薦一個很棒的css教學網站,Inside description、Examples of simple,讚!—CSS語法教學

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