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  IT邦幫忙剛推出時,有寫了一篇推薦文,The main recommendation is made to the above discussion and answers about the direction of the trend。And this is to be recommended daily digest newsletter service。

  註冊成IT邦幫忙會員後,系統每天會自動寄一封「IT邦幫忙每日摘要」的電子報,Inside contains "Today new questions."、"Today's new discussion" and "Today's problem-solving" three themes。In her spare time,便可點選其中主題,Participate in discussions or help answer。If you do not understand,也可以思考別人的解答技巧,Achieve learning objectives。

  想起以前高中開始自學電腦時,就常透過「史萊姆的第一個家」的討論版學習&Share。Of course, I said not now discuss this gorgeous version of forum,以前那個很醜陋,Is a yellow background message board。But go ugly ugly,當時討論版的人氣卻是高的嚇人…,In short - there are also some knowledge grind it wants。

  會隔了這麼久才知道這功能,是因為當初我註冊帳號後,他們的mail好像有問題(應該是使用gmail服務),我始終收不到開通帳號的認証信,試著重發了多次我就是收不到,更絕的是我要發信給客服時,信一樣是寄到他們有問題的mail主機,So of course the letter was rejected。Until a while ago that I try to send mail to customer service and ask them to help me to open account,This smooth use of the Service。

  電子報寄發的形式讓你不用像無頭蒼蠅的在上面找主題看,只要針對有興趣的主題再前往查看詳細內容即可,效率提升不少,So - recommended to those who are still wallowing in this area -:)


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