Solstice feast -N-Plus

When looking at the last few weeks News,There is a mention of foreign acquisitions of domestic buy site Groupon site map diary news,Although the map to know the diary this site,But curiosity tends to make,Still buy on the network to see millions。Day of the launch commodity-N-Plus double package 50% off,I do not know why,Not considered too long,Decided to book a few home two old please enjoy。

  原先預計週末去享用,爸特卻被包場,So go into Wednesday。Read meal that day volume contents,才注意到兩人套餐的主餐部份都只有一份,一度還擔心會不會不夠吃,上網查了網友評價,大多反應品質與量都很滿意,Just a bit more at ease。In order not to rush too,下午特地請把今年僅剩的三小時特休給用掉,Back rest slightly better cope with the night parade。

  到了N-Plus,整間店的風格感覺還不錯,這天也有公司行號包了大部分的位置,So very busy。End the meal in accordance with the little bit of food on the meal voucher,便靜待服務生將美食一一送上,老媽沒啥機會吃到這種西式餐點,我想對他來說,一切應該蠻新鮮的吧!只是沒想到,才上到沙拉而已,老媽的牙齒神經竟然在痛了,還連帶牽連到頭痛,暈倒,好在之後慢慢的有比較不痛了,Just missed a few middle gourmet。

  先前提到擔心量太少的問題,到了漢堡餐時,所有疑慮已經煙消灰滅,兩顆大漢堡外加有夠粗的薯條大軍已經成功攻佔我的胃,等到牛排餐上線時,我方氣勢已經整個兵敗如山倒,The white flag about to beg for mercy。

  在好不容易收拾掉這些難纏的的傢伙後,原本準備迅速走人,離開這個是非之地,這才想起還有個甜點沒上,Battles it had to sit down a three to five rounds。

  最後大家都挺著飽飽的肚子離開,基本上大部份的東西都很好吃,只是吃到後面真的太飽了,Dessert bread altogether give him a take-it。~ I want occasionally to family gatherings like this is really quite good drop ~


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