Library day K

Finally entered the study room! ,Last night in particular, going to bed early,Not 11:00 on bedtime,I did not expect for some time and did not attack insomnia attack at this time,Finally til fall asleep until 1 am。

Morning on time and wake up relying on willpower,However tired,Although hesitated to go,Because of fear of lack of sleep can lead to poor results,Later still and forced himself to look at。8Open the door,I am a bit of time did not grasping,50Divided we before going out,To have been a bunch of people in the queue,Originally want to say Bacheng is not ranked,We arrive at the rear of the exhaust bell somewhat raw after having several pieces University,Has kindled a glimmer of hope,After the open gate,Long forward followed by a long,Hey ~ did not expect to actually get a seat! ,Read about eight hours today, a total of,Than at home watching the effect of…In fact, did not seem much worse ha,Instead, think of some binding,Still considering want to go tomorrow…Click one's tongue。

Yes 是 true true 盡責 夠認 staff of the back story 說那,9Point on every half hour to go in to see if there is no vacancy,At the door to after 10:00 to confirm posting a "full",Continue to check in 13:00,Finally got someone to go to the about 2:00,Her cards removed,Good hard work, ah! ,Like a cram school time;Reading from time to time someone came to check seat,Like a cram class guide from either the Church,Good and wonderful feeling ~ Ha!

36 days countdown..

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