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  Yahoo!Knowledge convenience as well as the richness of the content, I do not have to say,Yahoo this service has become the necessities of life of many people!Yahoo!Although the scope of knowledge covered a wide,But most of the field is still somewhat deep enough。IT is with this,I probably only find virus information would be to refer to,Other knowledge still have to rely on Google Great God。

  剛剛收到電子報提到,iThome推出一項與Yahoo!知識 同性質的服務–IT邦幫忙。Differs from Yahoo!知識 由發問者決定最佳解答的機制,IT邦幫忙是由被「推」的次數最高的解答為最佳解答,That is to decide which is the best answer we。There is also a "knowledge sharing" service,想要跟大伙兒分享一些實用的知識時,可以在這區發表,與網友們分享,The users can also do discuss directly with you。

  實際看了幾篇問與答,Feels great,幾乎每個人都能針對主題盡其所知解答,因此就算不是最佳解答,You also learned some knowledge from the inside;The best answer yet,由於是大家選出來的,所以都有一定程度的專業及完整性,I think that for the questioner absolutely great help。

  IT邦幫忙目前還是alpha版,但我還是給予iThome推出的這項服務五顆星的評價,希望IT邦幫忙的討論風氣及品質能夠持續保持下去,IT has become another person's necessities。


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