Install wine error occurred -ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Rose after the ubuntu 9.10,There was always a condition of installing wine,After hard loaded up,Can not be completely normal use,Prior to the Internet to find a number of articles,Also tried to compile the source code,沒 是 return problem solving,The matter was going to throw up,Then finally no intention to find a solution,And the reason was quite blind…

  之前在ubuntu的「軟體來源」都是設定成「國家高速網路中心」,原因只有一個~快,升上ubuntu 9.10後,有次遇到某個檔案一直載不下來,Sources put the change back to the default of "Taiwan's servers."。

  依照google大神找來的說明,安裝wine發生問題的癥結就在這個設定,當選擇台灣伺服器後,首先會自動跑到中央大學去下載,偏偏中央大學有一些防護機制,導致下載不完整,The hard loaded up the wine it does not work properly。



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