Small habit change your life

Author:Tomio Sato◎著;黃萱惠◎譯
Press:Spring Publishing
Publishing Day:2007In August
Individual competitions:★★★

The author is a 74-year-old gentleman,Mantra to promote ways to improve your life。See half of the book was discovered that the cupboard "mantra dream come true law" is written by the same author,Mentioned in this book a good habit of ,Is the mantra about。

This book presents a consistent inspirational book style,More than half of the length of the argument is, "Why do so."、"How to do after the meeting." "Who do" and,The most important "how",In fact, only a small part。Personally not used to this type of book reading,May my thoughts are not clear enough,Seen a lot of friends friends miscellaneous story,Often ignore what is the focus,Read a chapter or even the whole book,點是 Inmo Kiyoshige non 會釐,So I actually would go to Japan to buy the book to avoid。

Excitement in the life of the proviso to provide reach fathom 找,Homologous goal gave us a good near-term current 嘗試 份恰 這部,I want ~ accumulated numerous moved,Having self-correction surface schematic thinking Yuzuru flight ability in intangible,Relative can also improve the quality of their lives。The book also mentioned a fixed habit is to eat vitamins,Comparing non 認同 份我 這部,I think it is way through the movement of food or to make their own health will be better now。

When reading a chapter,Get an experience,"Our life,Derived from a play the game like a directed,If you write a good script,But also how to invite your favorite female(Male)Protagonist to perform it?


Catalogue of [section]

From everyday life.,Find some small fun of it! Ye Fishing、Ye Hao movement,Anything,To challenge those who feel interested,But it seems difficult thing,Born in like the first country to participate in community activities,Try to step into a new world。

Let yourself moving in a positive direction。By Travel,Let that has been opened、Switch named "Happy" is never to be closed,To develop new daily habits。

Yuzuru 腦成 length head for completion,Important thing is not the year to experience a large move。In everyday life,Continue to create a small moving experience is important。

Everyone is the protagonist of the story,Therefore,No need to play a supporting role in his own life。

其自 give mercy,Not as good as a good RBI own,Let the feeling of a face-lift。

Imagination is more important than knowledge——Einstein。

past、Now and in the future are made of the same line strung,If you want to change the future,Only from the line source——Current,Start a perpetual break,No other way。

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts of today。

Do not be afraid your life will end,But it has never been afraid to start。

Shelf life 沒有 starry-eyed head boiler,Only open or not。

To a life of action,Rather than ostentation。

Do not know each other's career,Does not know age,Although the appearance of seemingly young,卻很 沈穩 Kyunin sense of remembrance,Leisurely attitude、Not impetuous,But not gloomy sense of,But very bright and hearty。This man has a "touch bottomless feeling" very usual powerful。Although he has no idea what qualities,But people think he is very sexy,But can deliver a man of great responsibility。

Much like the workers of the office workers,Like solicitor。That kind of people,Regardless of their occupation and age,Are infected with the boring and annoying habits,But never thought to change,So only to "say what the man."。

Pursuit of a new stimulus at any time,Not enclosed in a shell,Various activities actively 參與,As prism,Dissemination of multi-glory。

In the career success factors,The importance of the personality of the far left outstanding intelligence。

Ability of human 認真 androgynous 雖然,But can still lack decisive life-changing "something."。What in the end the lack of it? Neoteny mechanism is actually representative of fun heart。Try to observe little kid,Just give the children paper and crayons,From drawing to fold paper airplanes,They can create a variety of games。The so-called fun heart,Is the pursuit of surprising ingenuity。This is not fun and the heart of "serious people" together,Will not feel interesting,Few are stimulated will。

Specific habits:

1.Mantra(The habit of talking)

2.遊玩(Moved habits)

3.Fill-in exercise 營養 以及(Body is used to)

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