Smiling face of depressed

Press:Revelation Publishing Group
Publishing Day:2005October
Individual competitions:★★★

Get this book,See the cover,Art book publishers felt the intentions of this,From the cover to the inside pages and even comes with five bookmarks,Will feel really "rich" in a book it!

As the title of the,Soso sentiment during arrival 這本 manual all-ku, Professor Shi-standing we 們遇,Unto face no matter how many kinds of heart conditions 該以,To get rid of the dull mood。The book described the attitude of society in general and more with the idea to completely upside down,In order to not let the social pressure of some invisible pressure of their own breath。Because of this,I think this book seems more suitable to let sentiment has reached the brink of people reading more appropriate。If you encounter just a little setback,Do not want to think of ways to overcome,Just think they do not need to bear it all,I think this would give himself for missing many opportunities to grow。

Life,We often make a mistake,Satoshi 認為 someone else 應該 怎樣 怎樣,The idea itself is not a review as brings。In this regard,Shochu Yayu Hisageita,We should start from the beginning itself,First get yourself,Susumu而 infection 對方,So we do not need to ask others what to do,Nature can create a harmonious atmosphere。

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