My family can not be installed fiber

Shigemitsu 纖網 class path required no 是 rise by a virtual straight pieces 這兩 禮拜,Query over many data,Parent solution 說後 跟娘 簡單,Consent of the Niangqin nod,Next on the everything is in place,Fill the only owe。

Evening playing Seednet ask some contracts and construction,Enthusiastic customer service staff to answer questions, said optical fiber to help me check my home here already constructed,Supply fee 於是 關資 other phases,Other times such as average power climate,In fact, I was thinking, "the bureau in the near 2、300Meters at,How could fiber it,Three minutes after the bell phone causing sound about 莫,The customer service lady self-introduction,Told me that "your side of the fiber not build Ay……"My God ~ ~ ~

I dream of the fiber so indefinitely paused,When it will pass? ,Do not know my family would fall five years, at which time point na…..Ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~

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