Dragon Boat Festival

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Although Dragon Boat Festival yesterday,But for me,,Today is the Dragon Boat Festival。

Morning Edie Niang more than seven to quarters,Taipei 些雜 one thing once more for 是 cornerstone rests 幫我 destination,Niang with seven dumplings,Lady package,They eat it after two,I left five as in、dinner,Originally I Niang wants she does not know will not too much,I did not think it is something more to say,Night after would like to eat ~

禮拜 這個 start about four large,I started a Wantian Tang。This is holding the nostalgic heart,Want to play when training dogs 3,And experience paradise changes,Rather than indulging in the same year in order to play and play。So far,I think my mentality is no problem,Nor addicted,Can always say shut it off,And afternoon also completed the job done,We Yuzuru Yuzuru our customers a top 這是,因為我又再次做到了「Do what you need to do !!」

Today in the game,Also 發作 Seito,Ran gambling pool,New gambling law,I did not expect to earn 20 million,This is probably the amount I want to play for a few days or even a week will earn。I rarely play games will continue to practice more than two hours,I think that's very boring,Not "play" feeling,So before most often do is teach you to go shopping、Man quarrel PK、Man or buying and selling things, etc.,So play more than a year before the progress of others Kuanglian only one month only。Back to the topic,The talk to Azhong show off,去 also bet one stage completion time over,Bet two hours have,And lost 60 million,Body remaining forty thousand,So he went Azhong that return fighting,However, there is no special frustration,Me for my reaction, I was quite satisfied with,This means I do not have to indulge,My self-is getting better and better。And later ran neatly Daguai hit two hours,Also like a lot,The conclusion is that after thinking ~ I think my short time,了 bet not leave 會再 應該

Evening drink Niang own bubble tea,Feel special taste。There was time to play before raising tea,Inmo feeling 沒 是 governor,Jasmine tastes better take a dip or think there is no home big kettles bubble,Finally, it gradually did not touch the。

Scheduled completion 抽痛 not start 臟又 Tenshin 這兩,Frequency of tics yesterday never frequent,Today there are some,I hope this problem can stop occurred,Because really strange terror。Feeling a bit tired,To bed early enables no longer hurt tomorrow,God bless me & my family.

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