Decompressor has a beautiful graphical interface-PeaZip

Although ubuntu have a built-in the compression program,And with the rar and p7zip package can be nothing puzzling,But sometimes come across certain encrypted form compressed files,Sometimes strange,And not a pretty cool gui interface also allows the use of the discount。

To see introduced PeaZip theme previously I do not know in which open source website,Was caught down after a while becomes no chance to use the trial。When encrypting a file in a secondary compression Solutions,Information form a dense appearance at very often mistake 碼,PeaZip 說試 來想 test after,I did not expect a solution on success,After the program as often as I would unzip tool。PeaZip is a cross-platform program,Therefore, not only in ubuntu,Corresponding version for Windows platform,And contains Chinese language,Recommend it to everyone。



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