Receive the title or the text is garbled e-mail,處理 該如 what?

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Garbled e-mail often encountered problem,How to modify the settings to the end of "chaos" like? ,Is that all users unified in Unicode encoding。

Normal electron emergence 亂碼 problem 郵件,Sometimes can be resolved smoothly by adjusting the encoding,But not always work。Actually,The root cause of majority resulting in garbled,Because of the different ways of encoding the world used in the computer,For example, positive body accepted by the Chinese encoding is Big5 (five yards),Accepted by the mainland Chinese Simplified encoding GB (GB code),Computer text conversion process,It is prone to garbled。

Solve the garbled ultimate,Is that all users unified in Unicode encoding。But,Users are often accustomed to not modify the default values,Therefore, a short time,Hen-using formula 軟體 碼方,Will remain "fragmented",The most rapid and effective to avoid garbled way,Is the message across attachment。

Outlook Express是使用率很高的郵件軟體,But also often lead to garbage problem,Users the best to modify the e-mail to send and read format,In order to avoid problems garbled。

"Chaos" as the ultimate ─ ─ Unicode
U.S. agency called "Unicode",Hope that the text encoding of the reunification of the world,So make coding "Unicode" in。

Only Unicode launched in late,Therefore, most operating systems is to maintain the region encoding the Unicode and practices coexist。

Is the body of Chinese users use Windows XP to send text data,碼 Hen Hen 碼如 result of non-Unicode character 是 這些,Operating system will make use of the Big5 and Unicode table,Verbatim will Big5 encoded into Unicode encoding。

However,Yes 會 failure when 轉換 碼的 Hen,Always a problem 應用 亂碼 發生 是 electronic flight 郵件,In fact, most of the garbage is rooted in the sender's setting error。Currently Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail software is used by most people more often,One of the major "source of chaos" is Outlook Express。

因 為Outlook Express預設的郵件標題格式,Can only send ASCII format text,ASCII is a 7-bit encoding,While the text is composed of 8 bits。As the two text messages MIME Base64 encoding and QP (Quote-Printable),Outlook Express預設使用QP編碼,QP purpose is to help non-ASCII-encoded messages sent via SMTP transmission。But QP encoding efficiency is poor,Some mail software can not correctly resolve the,So the best way is to change the format of the message content of Unicode。

使用者在Outlook Express中,Click [Tools] - [options] [send] loose-leaf label,In the "Mail Sending Format" select "HTML Settings",Text encoding in the MIME message format "and select" no "or" the Base64,And check the "allow title 8 Bit of character. "。As for the "Text Settings" then choose "Uuencode"。Then,Click on "Regional Settings",预设 编码 选择 "Unicode (UTF-8)」,"Postback English title forever," do not tick。Last,Click to read] loose-leaf label,The font change "Unicode"。

Interpret the garbled content to help find the interpretation method
Takes time to switch to Unicode encoding,Users receive a garbled message,Priority is still the need to try to interpret the content。

Received Base64 encoding garbled,The format is characterized in the garbage in front of the begin,The last line is the "end"。Interpretation method,Garbage can be deposited into the text file,File extension changed. "The UUE,And then using Winzip to decode,E-mail or saved as a file extension ". EML" file,然後由Outlook Express開啟,You can automatically decode。

Garbled in a lot of "=" symbol can determine based on QP encoded,Netscape changed by the user、Eudora、Support QP encoding software such as Outlook Express or receive mail to Becky。文⊙李延華

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