National Palace Museum, a tour

A few days ago went to visit the National Palace Museum exhibition,Impression in this life seems to have never been to the Forbidden City。The museum is currently being displayed on the theme "Southern Song art and culture exhibition",And the other in the Library Building has a "collection of the British Museum" exhibition,Originally considered buying a ticket to see two exhibition,Fortunately, later did not do,Because Heritage Museum exhibited a positive light can be seen to eat a belly full。

  抵達故宮的時間,約莫是正午左右,人潮尚未湧現,但其實人也不少,只是故宮什麼都大,So the lines are moving very smoothly。After buying tickets to the ticket office,從一樓入口進入,即為目前展示的主題—Southern Song Dynasty relics。With people in the age,思考方式也顯得很不一樣,印象中以前看這些東西都是把外觀看一看就快速帶過,這回參觀的速度緩慢不少,稱得上是細細品嚐,簡單的一個文物,不只是看,還會搭配他的時空背景做思考,別有一番風味。
  只是好景不常,正當我還在佩服大家都能靜靜參觀的時候,龐大的陸客軍團已來報到,展館霎時變得有如菜市場一般,部份隨行的領隊不宣導就算了,He is followed by loud noises。After half an hour of the bombing of the human voice,Visit interest Dayton。After finally found a small corner,播放著文物展覽影片,坐下來,Heart finally followed quieted down。
   影片結束後,繼續往其他樓層參觀,此時停在樓梯口,往上下樓層一瞥,整棟大樓已形同百貨公司一般,Bustling。After visiting the pace unconsciously to speed up a lot,因已想結束這趟旅程,到後來根本已經無法靜靜的觀賞,除了陸客的喧囂,另有兩名韓國中年男子,講話似乎是在比大聲的,最後參觀完要離開時,出現一團日本學生團, 竟然在館裡跑鬧,Really have the extremely silent。
  出來廣場後,心情好多了,便稍微四處走走,那天雖然有帶相機,但最後還是沒拍照,Pity。Half-day off,心靈有被小小洗滌一番,感覺很不錯,我想之後如果有機會,Also visit other museums。

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