Ubuntu Firefox 裝 safety at 3 beta 5

After fatigue for weeks on the Firefox beta x reported bombing,Finally this beta unable to bear,Ran to catch up to experience。

In the past I do not quite like to download the beta version of the software program,In addition to fear of having problems outside,Kimo mainly sub-problems it,So this will be tempted, of course there is a reason,The main reason is the question of efficiency and stability。Since the stepped ubuntu,Overall system performance has been a let me very often vexing problem,Not just the operating system,Use firefox in ubuntu with use on XP also considerable differences,I refer to the efficiency and stability,So when you start to see there have been articles in praise firefox 3 efficiency improvement,How can I prevent heart? You said that the chant!

Return to the topic,After the official website to download the compressed package,Originally I thought of what needs to compile,So go a little dog cushions,Only to discover that consequently do not do,That is, after decompression can be executed…

First here to download a test version Traditional Chinese

The firefox-3.0b5.tar.bz2 download the compressed solution,Get firefox folder

Always turn off the original Firefox 2
Executive firefox firefox folder where you can

–Alternatively, you can manually set up a shortcut for Firefox 3,In the "System" - "Preferences"- 「Main Menu」設定

–After the execution will find most of the plugins are not used,And each time you open Firefox will remind him once,Then just copy / usr / lib / firefox / plugins to the program directory under the / plugins,So it will not ask you every time you turn on once the。

–People who want to use the command mode [Related Links] can refer to the text after

The feeling is that the current trial,Indeed there are many places that are significantly past Dun Dun improved,But there is still the same part of the page will be Kaka,Of course, there may be a problem ubuntu,So that is expected to take over 20 days (Ubuntu 8.04) can be solved these problems gave!


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  1. Frozen Ren Xiang Says |

    It is already switched to Ubuntu 8.04 I ran above,Flash drives can be installed in the system can only obediently use 7.10 …
    Now with the official version of Firefox 3 La,In 7.10 Unable to update the way up XD

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Not played flash drive OS,Because I did not UFD…I
    He does not help you update,Maybe you can try the above method to temporarily block chant ~:)

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