The way?

Yesterday checked Taipower's list,The results had expected - exam,Not much disappointed hearts,Actually began to worry about how to get way ahead。MIS is currently doing,But always think the future development of this road is limited,So every day thinking, "My future is in what?"

Just check some national examination information,With some contradictory ideas,Trouble is when,Suddenly realized that I really think too much。Now it just to find a job,MIS field for understanding but not a lot,And my mobility are far lower than thinking,Do not like to think about,First in line to do this for a while,and more reading,Enrich their experience with the idea,And other information melon head long enough,Go to think about the future of the road,Such judgments will be made more correct now!

Just recently a tap too often computer,See if you can see some of these time-Norwegian book,And I have not had to touch the bookcase book it!

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  1. starsheep Says |

    一切都交給時間去解決 XD

  2. starsheep Says |

    哈 哪有怪
    time is the best cure

  3. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

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