File name、Directory name or drives label syntax error

Call…Did not think this has dragged on for six months。

Work even encounter some strange questions,On the release came after a good answer 找出 organize one thousand years old bitterness 歷經 Wa Shin Wan Shi governor 會想,Even if it is just a bird's answers。Now memory is getting worse,In this way a record,But had this to say,Sometimes over the timeliness of the information,Have no interest in do finishing,Had to heap on one side,Available then..

Fart a bunch of,Back to the topic - the situation of this is to open the txt file,Notepad but there a bunch of "file name、Directory name or drives label syntax error "error message,Then in Notepad to see the contents of any data。

Solution to this is very simple:
1.File type to "My Computer" - "Tools" - "Folder Options" - "",Find "txt"
2.Select the "Advanced" - "edit"
3.check what application used to perform action "field path,Shou 雙引 an individual rear 會多 ""
4.Remove the double quotes,Click "OK" to leave

BTW,If you are experiencing is not a plain text file,Can also be used in the same way to open the file extension corresponding to the correction

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  1. Gina Says |

    Hello,My use of the environment is win7,But win7 Folder Options and file class
    Type "(only general、View、search),Ask how to change? !!!

    Win7 is set in the "Control Panel" - "always open in a specific program to a file type" "Programs" under the。
    Or simply search for "set an association"

    Anson Reply |
  2. Gina Says |

    Hello,I find a file type always open in a specific program,也將「.txt」的副檔名改成由「notepad.exe」開啟,And win7 can not seem to see the path of the field。
    But after opening a new Notepad or an error message will appear。

    Feel that your situation should not the same,Do not know whether intoxication
    You first try to directly execute notepad.exe can open Notepad
    Another is to try to console - user account under the UAC turned off,And then reboot to see

    Anson Reply |
  3. Gina Says |

    Hello,用notepad.exe可以開啟記事本,Only error message will appear
    Other,Do not know why not open the UAC ….Press did not respond…

    1.Implementation of notepad.exe to display any error messages?
    2.Close look at the way that change key,在cmd執行「ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f」,To perform the complete reboot。
    (Recovery Instructions:ADD HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f)

    Anson Reply |
  4. Gina Says |

    Hello,He appeared error message is "File Name、Directory name or drives label syntax error "

    Completion of our 狀況 irregularity caused 乎跟 來似 這樣 Nursing
    Ok this article opens a 這篇 是 狀況,But open txt not,So the need to fix the parameters of open
    Do you want to try the copy readme.exe from other computer to look at your computer to perform

    Anson Reply |
  5. Gina Says |

    Oh,Good!!!! I went to try!!!
    I open txt,Just every time you open a new Notepad will jump out of an error message annoying!!!!
    Xie Xie

  6. Gina Says |

    Hello,Such as Notepad program changed to the implementation of a system administrator,There is no error message!!!

    Nursing came 這樣,If you can turn off UAC,May also be able to bypass that problem

    Anson Reply |

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