Measured three thousand II

Ministry team resorted to a bullish message,3,000 meters 80 points or more,Can not participate in the morning、Physical activity at night,In my age to convert,80Minutes to 13 minutes 17 seconds went。

Usually at night I would go play pool,Often the physical activity must be stopped to set,Unable to have fun,And retired the next month,After the war is unlikely to measure yourself,So to say whether we can make a good result in front of veterans,So take the exam again。The pick of the night time to run,Look cool temperatures can not allow ourselves to reach good condition。Running at night is indeed better than some of the afternoon,But to go back to rely on willpower to stay the same,I told myself, "After every run,This must also OK! "They had not let slow down,About one hundred meters to the last time,This is a sprint time,It did not even go before the force of the,So it can not be rushed,這次我又對自己喊話「不要留下遺憾,死就死吧!」於是,Began to accelerate final little sprint。Last,Ran 12 minutes and 57 seconds to score。After the finish,又走了一圈,發現不能停下來,一停就喘不過氣來,Had no choice but to go in the hallway about 5 minutes before bathing dressing。


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    不愧是憲兵 XD

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