Measure three thousand

Yesterday again tested the 3000 meters,Ran 13 minutes and 47 seconds,Progress for about 1 minute,But finish quickdraw…

Very bad before conscription physical,Run of 3,000 about 25 to 30 minutes,Ken 來到 at school after,After "sooner or later, three thousand" hone,Ran 14 minutes and 15 seconds at the junction of the training test results。Units under 4 months after the re-test,Performance is 14 minutes and 50 seconds,Again is this a quiz。The first lap run too fast,Finish legs numb,Once wanted to give up,After Gi1eng1 來硬,Want to say hold the number count the number of,Did not expect or stays completely away,But finish the head of the entire pain to not work,As if to split。

3,000 meters deep that is actually kind of willpower test。Some three thousand people ran finish,In fact, more than 8 percent of the people would think running endless run,志 靠意 是 在 撐 force last capital,So we often spread the word to "support the past,Is yours!

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