Kindled an AOL SMTP transmission of lawlessness transparent established in Taiwan for some time,Prior to register an account,However, until recently used to use,I used the IMAP way to send and receive letters,SMTP-Send is not always successful,Have had to substitute other SMTP Server。

AOL letter to IMAP/SMTP/POP3 transceivers on the network,However, follow the set,Whenever I send a letter,Always receive a bounce following the:

Not pass the keynote: 1

Some or all of the recipients did not receive the e-mail you send。

      Keynote:    1
      Dates transmission Legend:    2009/12/10 Afternoon 01:23

The following recipients could not be served:

      '' At 2009/12/10 Afternoon 01:23

            554 5.5.0 E7.10 TRANSACTION FAILED

Did not give up the Internet to find a lot of articles,Finally found the crux of the problem point。

If you want to use the SMTP send a letter, online login once,驗證 碼 set a system 會 appearance,Appear after page via webmail。Yes - this action is open to using SMTP function key! ,An above average non-current 驗證 碼 會出,So you have to be "certified by the original" not。After the completion of the action,SMTP to the normal use of Hello!

If for some time unable to send a letter of the situation in,To the following URL to start once


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  1. Daniel Says |

    Recently because they can not send a letter with Outlook Express but can be prepared to receive Ye
    An individual appearance 會"Login -AOL "
    User name:
    Lay the above but the picture still has come out to
    smtp have set up over 578 and 25 but still no use
    Solution having no feedback 呢 是 請問?
    Xie Xie

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Tried to the following address to re-enable?

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