Zhang 卡 one 頒好 people win!

Two days ago came home from work,Younger sister said, "ei to me,You have not seen that package,Zhang good Kayes! "I do not know instantly what to talk,Then just make up a "still a baby.",This dawned,United Way was originally sent things ah ~

United Way seems to fixed annual 11/1 1/31 organized a "United States United Way activities.",As long as donations over three thousand yuan of long-term donors within this period,You can get a bear doll,I was lucky,Just crossed the threshold,It also received a。

In addition to the doll sent outside the box,Accompanied by a little "love Certificate" card,This is the younger sister called "good cards" it! I think she probably does not know the meaning of good card of another bar…



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  1. starsheep Says |

    Congratulations receive good card
    You can join this group of XD

  2. Do not lie to you really handsome Bo Lishi Says |

    I also want to be good…
    75204..Tired Europe .. always leave a message..
    Fast did not stem the

  3. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Your mission is what the…

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Even so long you have to dig back and forth text,Really…

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