Life to add green

Rare good weather over the weekend,But get bored at home, no place to go,Friends are just something,If a large group will self 跑去 last 逛水,Fill some goods to help the fish tank at home,A trip down,Bought five plants with some live。

After the arrangement regarded as 缸稍 將魚,Put the plants into the,Ikutsugu bridge completion,拿掉 capital after several 乎將 last thing a decorative 些裝,Have a feeling you want。

Multi-thickness ratio on the good things 裝飾 是 那些 feedback remembered feeling of grass fish 些水 缸種,Sitting next to the aquarium and seeing them feel a lot of mood suddenly。

The photos look with some gaps in the actual,Red and white fish 燈管 燈是 缸的,Six culture vessels having our beautiful lightning 是 燈管 Red 會用,At certain angles,Who will show the blue and red and other colors,Very beautiful! ,All of them hid behind..

夠的 foot beam having completed because Yuzuru waterweed,Scheduled completion 關的 插座 open field will purchase large 來還 removed after,Let the fish tank lights to a timer switch,Shot in the photo above are a week later,Some have already begun long Empoasca it ~

In addition to plants,Also in the market to buy buy a few small potted,Bon feedback flower opens completion times Yuichi 來後 purchase,Feel pretty every sell ~~

Another pot is like his sense of easy-to-green,Is not thought appropriate pot,First so stood Hello!

Home more than a few gadgets,Will be more than passing glance,I feel pretty good,It seems the family is also a good multi-point green。

4 Responses

  1. tix Says |

    讚喔 ~ when to go to your house to look at

  2. Ko Ya-Ya Says |

    沒倒 feedback before we 缸之,
    H. Shi XD 缸好 fish governor accepted by 以盯
    說 story,Before raising Ghinva growth in the waters of steam,
    So the plants always not make a living,
    撤光 through completion of 缸內 waterweed last 就通 @ _ @

  3. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Any time~

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Inverted cylinder @ @
    Before me was almost
    But may be more than enough number of,Not so is easily Quanmie ~
    I also kept a golden child ..,Cute good length obtained
    I bought dried blood worms forget to another Jiaosha he does not eat
    Shi completed research on the shore last final..

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