The Second Niangqin cup cooking contest

The following Sunday is Mom's birthday,Cf last year's practice,Held again this year Niangqin cup cooking contest,Prepare vegetables 兩道 每人 reason that SAI 參與,And this time the mother is also prepared two dishes to join the festivities 。


At first, I also intend to prepare two dishes—Runny eggs and Scallion Chicken,But the last few weeks try to cook Scallion Chicken,The whole big to fail,廁所 human tide 洶湧 當天 避免 for completion,Another wants a preserved egg and sweet potato leaves,Snacks love Joey 這玩 meaning non 說他 old maid result,Together with the mother to eat stewed cabbage,So again the competition last year to add the cabbage came halogen。The last Tuesday of the test cook Scallion Chicken,Calculation governor success,So today, four to a dish full friends -。


All meals Entries


Salt-baked shrimp(Sister)


Three cups of shrimp(Sister)


Sweet and sour pork ribs(Sister)


Pickles, chicken(Sister)


Salted egg tofu(Sister)


Runny eggs(Me)


Scallion Chicken(Me)


Preserved eggs, sweet potato leaves(Me)


Stewed cabbage(Me)


Pig face line(Mama)






After a break,Listed 蛋糕 凱的 Ali arrives wheel


With the mother to sing Happy Birthday(The last time a few years ago ..)


Night mother with Ann to look at my throw monkey,Ann quite like to see the fish




Reason for the winner today elected without trouble 這次………Mother of the bass!!(Is simply peace love fish ..)

Good saturation of 這餐 Snacks,Shinya Fusaku 氣氛,~ ~ Ryo multi-touch exterior was removed organic snacks 是 ratio feedback Kazen 這樣

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