Easily break within the network(虚拟 IP)Remote program-ShowMyPC

Two weeks before the the PChome electronic recommend a remote control program—ShowMyPC,As long as a point known as a、Or two can quickly start remote remote control operation,And the most punctual can easily break through the limitations of virtual IP,You no longer need to within the network architecture to adjust a bunch of settings,Such a great thing so I can not wait to grab test test。

  ShowMyPC使用SSH VNC技術,Host to establish a connection,A raw set 號碼 會產,Manipulation side only need to enter this password,Can successfully connect,Everything is so simple、Convenience。The company currently tested with both ends of the network can successfully connect (there are confirmed through back even outside the network),Also in the home (physical IP) can successfully connect to the company network computer。

The test only the status of the host to open a period of time (hours),It seems it will interrupt,Or is an error,Morning, I opened the company,Go home at night after Unable to connect,Later to re-establish the connection through other means after the host of the program is closed,The host was able to connect,And the host program must first close and then open the,If you do not close the direct re-establish a connection,Master still can not successfully connect。

A governor 來說,Having far-flight operation personnel of receipt 需求 large majority of the far-receipt function equation 輕巧 確實 這支,Ability to complete a continuous line running 內便 Noriyuki bell several seconds 乎在 Yuzuru our other 們幾,No more connections have to first teach each other how to check the IP and other trivial things,Highly recommended to you。


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