Query text is a good tool to read the law - input method integration

Non-cognitive character arrives when current nursing past,The fastest way is to copy and paste to the Ministry of Education Dictionary query pronunciation,But only in the words on the computer,If you encounter a written text can not be copy text,More trouble some,Then windows built-in "Input Method integrator" can come in handy。


To use the input method integration,Niikura 頡 some new Zhuyin 換至 cutting import laws Masaru 請先,Then click on the Tools menu in the language column "",You can start the input method integrated in the menu。


Write the word you want to query in the the integrator input method with the mouse on the left,Similar to the text will be listed on the right,A character 發音 示該 會顯 textually standard move throughout 將游,Click Enter to complete the action。



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