Yesterday had originally planned to go to a haircut,Toss over one hour,Nothing to cut back chatter。

Originally intended to go and a one shear,To the side only to see the door close to the sabbatical word,Baipaoyitang,Had to come back looking for new store。Looking forward to a series of about five,There are two too expensive、Two bad attitude,Requirements, such as family 很久 Road return,So just want to say again today altogether good。

The new store, Zhongzheng road salon is more,爭頗 furious competition,There will not understand why stores that arrogant attitude to doing business。I went to consumption,Not to beg,Tube how good your technique,And conversation made me feel uncomfortable,Is classified as household refuse dealings。

Will encounter these things I did not expect to have their hair cut rare,Regarded as open the eyes。Said yesterday that today would go to the house to wait for a long time,Because they are really very polite.,Every one of the technologies I had not,So of course I choose Hello good service。

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  1. starsheep Says |

    This is the first service in power
    Actually there are people doing exactly the opposite XD

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    A disaster what they want
    I think they may be a lack of communication with employees boss..

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