100Man aspirations

Author:沈芯 diamond
Press:Eurasian Press Ltd.
Publishing Day:2006-02-27
Individual competitions:★★★★★

Shen the core Ling little sister to do by accident in an issue of the magazine special report,Going into the various charitable activities,As well as the knowledge of the attitude,Feel much praise。

Only 16 years old, he,Has 31 computer license,And the use of computer expertise,Earned income of more than a million,These income,He founded a fully invested all the knowledge in the public interest。

This book describes him grow all the way to the various record,Include his parents,How he stepped into the world of computers,And he founded a variety of public welfare activities。

Reading this book to make people feel relaxed and happy,Deeply admire of various deeds, "as well as the attitude,Author and can feel the love and vitality。Maybe,We believe they do not have the same as the author fraternity,Actually,As long as willing to do if,Per person just to do a little bit of effort,Can feel the joy of helping people to obtain a。


Good word excerpt:

I have to refuel! Can not chat、play games。——— P.40

I will never give up whenever encounter a problem,Perhaps it is a result of the momentum,Let me courage to open the door,No matter how big the problem is the door。——— P.40

I of course have a teacher,It is my heart,I was careful every day、Hard to learn:I certainly have textbooks,It is a failure,I often find the answer in error。——— P.46

Do not underestimate yourself,And so you find that extraordinary, they have so many people can benefit from,You will know,It turns out that we potentials—Endless!——— P.56

Research before 沒有 return success,Do not give up!——— P.62

No retreat,We can only move forward——— P.62

Learn how to plan things,Know when to relax,What hourly rate applies self 壓力 當的,Know when the forbear emotional——— P.67

To good intentions、say good things、Do good things。——— P.69

As long as you can reach a certain academic achievements,Scores does not prove a person's knowledge or content,Self-interest is not important for me。Importantly,If I could spend more time,More than the effort to help more people,Burnaby exam out makes me happy——— P.97

Reading is not for exams,Nor to test ranking。If you can pay more than the ideal time to practice,But the score is not the most perfect,We allow one small walk withdrawal 請容,A big achievement。After all, the school is to score,And I want to do,Of life。——— P.104

Heaven and earth have much?
We do not need to talk to the people,
As long as,A gentle care、A little bit of nutrients,
These seeds will sprout growing、Robust。——— P.115

We imagine an infinite,Our potential unlimited,Our creativity,But only round and round on the the attainment box ",We have forgotten how to dream,Let alone dream、Dream。——— P.117

Maybe,They do not listen、Do not do it、Not to look,We can not fail,But if there is no failure,That can know the joy of success?——— P.120

Ma Ying-jeou:"Congenital conditions,Only affect the position of the starting point of a,Acquired efforts,Can decide to reach the end results。Now disappointments,What urges himself up,Stimulate the inherent potential、Find the best opportunities for self talented,Only a profound understanding of their own,To embrace the ideal,And only try to play to their potential,To grasp the future! ——— P.123

I did not give up,Hope 之 light 找 fathom a force parallel 且努,How about you?——— P.157

Long as they can forgive others,And that they did the right thing。——— P.162

A self-completed road wit Atae direction 缺點 failure,Frustration more aroused "must win" fighting spirit! ,So everything was a willingness to try,Whatever the outcome is success,I cuddle "Anyway, they is not never lost!" Idea,Each test came back。——— P.167

Everyone's learning in different ways,Some people will spend a lot of money to acquire knowledge,Profound self-learning process, but I realized that,Reading is the only way to strike a knowledge。——— P.168

A lot of reading is the foundation for all learning,The diverse internal growth capacity-building,Rather than a single schoolwork。——— P.173

Encounter problems,We must find solutions to their own,Hampered,We must be a little stronger,Will be more resilient。——— P.173

See my parents hard for me to spend time tuition,How could I not urge their own efforts to make progress? ,My study still concentrate,Homework gets done early,Early to help parents share the housework。——— P.177

Perhaps the world on adversity and what kind of education? ,But I believe that,With determination、Perseverance,Will be able to build their own learning style。——— P.177

I know that parents can give no more than my material comforts,But they wholeheartedly give me,But it is overflowing love。From childhood,I learned not to envy、You do not have to complain,你能 懂得 Application No.,I floor the five great warmth。——— P.178

Dog cute,That they can not speak、Will not disguise,Is genuinely with people from。You treat them with a bit heart,They will return somewhat,even more。——— P.179

Public affairs is to me,I span the shoulders of giants,Let me see higher、Wider。——— P.199

To pay not limited charity,But unlimited access!——— P.203

琥碧‧戈柏:"Young people can change the world,As long as you are willing to do. "——— P.205

I can not help but think of Taiwan students,We shouted heavy academic pressure,Yet the time spent on online games or the pursuit of popular entertainment。We only spin in the living area of ​​the Self,Ever thought:Like 24 hours,The other people in the world on how to spend it?——— P.212

World's most beautiful three things:Children's laughter、Nature sounds and moving songs——— P.213

Heart how wide,There are more wide road;How much the world,The opportunity is as big。——— P.231

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