2008.11.08 The fattening cavalry row - Wulai the ‧ within hole

80-90% organic machine rain rate 天下 說今 氣象 station
Originally want to say almost directly to cancel the trip
However miles,Zan rare back to Taipei fat silk or insist on riding
They still proceed according to the agreed to

Look at the sky departure,How long will always feel not ride it began to rain
I did not expect when approaching the Street,There are slightly sunny weather it ~

The change to go Huanshan,Would also look forward to an unknown destination ahead
After a period slightly longer climbing and downhill,Came last week surprised to find a waterfall
That…We climbed this purpose is what,Left following the road is not flat enough…
The whole is very silent

Then he continued to advance towards the direction of the hole
After the letter Yin drawbridge,We change to go channel Yin Old Road
Relationship may have previously rain,Some places have a slight collapse
Gravel lot,Afraid to give him a ride on a flat tire powder
The place is simply too much gravel down with a pull of
Old trail can see several small waterfalls,Feels awesome friends ~
Relax over there look good,Really great!

When the cave entrance fee at the inner,After three men discussed
Here is decided on by the end of today,Turn back to the city to eat burgers ~
But down the mountain,Ride it began to rain half
But the mood is still very comfortable,便一路哼著Rhythm of the rain下山
Later we decided to go home toilet,Then drive to eat burgers

Good old place ~ viewing platform

One more than last week, Taiwan

Then there is a little better weather

Huanshan,There was a mile!
Fat whopping silk,Insisted on shifting,Almost all stood ride…

Wulai waterfall nearby

Forward to the cave

Letter Yin Bridge

Super punctual waterfall

Letter Yin Old Road

Close to the hole Hello ~

The end of this tour,The entrance to the cave…


Return channel change to go round the old letter Fuk Road,Give him a little bit steep

Behind this just paved,Plus a good view,Very enjoyable ride up

Although today only a morning ride,But there are still tired
Afternoon sore feet and sleepy ~ but still pretty enjoyable
Old Road that falls into a not really punctual
Sitting beside the waterfall feels really great,Nature nice ~

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  1. Liao fat Says |

    Yo ~ ~
    Good good ~ ~
    This has tired to ...

  2. Roadside dinner Says |

    A man carrying a guitar on

  3. bennylee86 Says |

    This route,Chan!!
    Plus several nearby star route
    Wulai is really a good place
    Oh you happy,You can ride frequented Wulai

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Hey ah ~ feel every mile to sell

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Hey ah,Wulai in love with a,I

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