2008.12.06 The fertility cavalry line - A soft Yang ‧ Palace


Rest for four weeks,Iron horse line 增肥 degree completion 於再 final deployment
Ryo Hisashi mile 這麼 啥會 ​​stoppages for,Was due to my little red dry it to Alas
Stem 公寓, under a self-standing 樓梯 也會 between consecutive release,Or upstairs ~
Really speechless…

After purchasing a new car,~ 嚕 Corps 就歸 horseback 當然
A fleet 姊夫 廖肥 跟了 這回,Destination is not even listening to have never heard of "A soft ocean
~ Dan 吶 跟團 degree neck fertilizer 咱增 這是
Participants in addition to Liao fertilizer,Yes GBS return,Together with other bikers,A total of thirteen

The first break point,GBS not to shoot,Had photographed

Other officers began to arrive

Landscape pieces 欣賞 flight order

Not to shoot,I shoot point

Continue uphill

陡了 太,GBS had used to pull


Second break point,~ 囉 landscape prize

To day palace,The other bikers efforts ~ ~

Mile Fusaku true 氣還 heaven a 這天!

Everybody arrived Hello ~

Autistic male

After Nangu heaven dehiscence,And climb a period of steep,點 high system 了 來到
Followed by up to 60 degrees of slope,But there are still signs warning..
We have their pictures taken to

Really steep,彎後 這個 completed over,Steeper

Look,GBS has been scared to change Mercedes Benz

而已 bell maybe ten 了 僅花 Shimoyama last
The whole tire rims evil to have become hot
House 到 點便 twelve last,The whole trip was quite fast

Spent 10K to buy the second-generation small red this really is not covered
That before with really poor,Feeling is really worth to whir

2 Responses

  1. Baby Says |

    How close-up of the little red
    Separate;Dahun lazy
    Quickly fast
    Two recent photos impress him

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Hey ah ~ bit lazy day,No photo
    ~ 寫啦 specialized 就有 兩次 the rear

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