2009.02.14 Yingge ‧ Street, fertility cavalry line ~ ~

The whirring ~ stopped for a month,The fertility cavalry line was finally re-start
This time more than Iron Man, a new force ~ ~ A sincere
Yorozu 喚下 one thousand calls a child standing urine fertilizer 這小,Finally feces out of a "lost"
And even still, I originally wanted to buy Merida MTA-520
Tachibana 尬以 color of our 顏色 Ren Shi-ku..
I kind of see the feelings of love missed(Second-generation red .. In fact, my heart love you)

A first time because now we ride Cheng
So to tie him to the main route
Tahan River along Riverside until Hsintien and Yingge
However, there is some middle episode
A urine fertilizer with Prudential did not know how about the
We even got in on both sides of the river Reciprocal,A lot of time waiting mile

After the Yingge Old Street,Of course, is to find food
Here's something really not cheap,Can actually be sold for 50 yuan sausage
And we eat noodles、Tofu is every kind of 50 yuan
But though he,Anyway, occasionally eat a,Cool enough

Three fat to ride the last time with Liao,Return there after Yingge
But because no planning,So really just after…
The next lead the way in the case of Ah Cheng,Finally entered the Street
I feel every mile sold ~ ~

Strange old man into the bushes are old..

Month did not ride,Huadu opened

Good morning weather Mile


On China jiangqiao

Playground overlooking the bridge

Good short…

Woods near Riverside,The scenery is very good next to it ~

Strange old man and rob the lens

Dual fat!?

It almost Yingge

A first joined Prudential fattening team

Leisurely oh ~

Overcast weather changed

Planning is also good here,What is also of little Speedway

Masked Man ~ ~ Liao fat

To the old 'Street,Stopped to discuss going to eat Sahara

Although I've been staring at it,But…Red!I still love you


Street Glance

Ready to go foraging


A sincere fatter…

Photo photo!

Occupational disease onset strange old man…

Ready to go home Loo ~

Return trip,I told the lady shorties borrowed car to ride
I feel really good leisurely、So comfortable
Slowly riding,Do not spend any effort
While enjoying the scenery beside,While enjoying the relaxed life

Later, I propose we all just buy a ladies car
Ladies team set a fattening……..Riverside limited:)

8 Responses

  1. Baby Says |

    Your red looks better ^ ^

  2. starsheep Says |

    It seems that I was a bad decision to buy a car…
    Ladies car on a good ride it!
    Or,My lady red car with you for

  3. x2media2x Says |

    Cycling drink fun fun life….
    Good play…

  4. Blood Bo Lishi Says |

    Figure a guy
    Figure five male swimming trunks (Do not doubt that you)
    I rummage will see a bar once stopped
    75204 Practicing filial words..

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I also think so..

  6. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  7. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Yeah Yeah ~

  8. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Ha ha

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