2009.02.28 Fertility cavalry line - Bali ‧ Shihsanhang Museum

Report by the General Assembly ~ report to the General Assembly to the last time fertility team following the vital force of the new Iron Man A sincere
This again is to add a member of ~ Diamond seaweed"
Why called the Diamond seaweed? Tongue
Multiply new members first place 咱又 就是 Noriyuki governor,Or Long time no see seaweed Qi
Child car buying information 備的 也不 這小,Urine fertilizer out of the apex 來的 逼問 是 feedback under eye
Liao fat .. Well done!

Liao fertilizer destination this week to arrange for Thirteen Museum
Also happens to be a county government office can participate in the museum's invoice activity
Give us a chance to go free visit to visit

Seaweed with his new blue BMW to report

Long time no see seaweed

Liao fat thinner!?

Ah Cheng at the rear Xinhai Bridge,That went to Bali

Bali is really good planning,Only people really more explosions…

Ferry arrives Bali La La

Go out Shihai shade,Bali did not expect the weather here is super good na ~

Killing at rest

Buy and eat fly eggs and sausage(This is not good…)

In meal,Continue towards goal when
It soared God ~ peak brother reappeared

Everyone has stopped to chat about Sahara


This should Liao fat shot ..,Injustice has a head with the main debt…

Chat with the,Liao began around fat pat Hello


Weather is really good,I was still a little sunburned miles…

Shuaio ~

找了一家7-11買"門票",Invoice is friends ~

Urine fertilizer heavy effort,Seaweed has been looking for co-production

Okay .. I admit that I took this,This posture is too tempting a seaweed
I sometimes can not help…

Thirteen museums

Go to Long Beach Crossing Road,Peak brother car could not come,I had to walk

Peak brother walking armor,Still like cycling is so handsome..

Crossing long referred to the,Photo photo

Hello everyone blow down the beach -

Peak brother also filming friends ~

Guzhe pictures,I was blown red second generation it!

But that day the wind is really great,Wind entrained sand hit the body all the pain will be too!

Close-up time to the

Ah Cheng is not my intention not to shoot your
You pull too far,Not into the mirror it!

Nori offensive and defensive in explaining the essentials here

Ah Cheng in the car..

Ah Cheng also car…

enjoy yourself

Long Beach

Ah Cheng has been in the car..

Another photographer

Cogito ergo sum..

Peak brother and masked Xia Self

Returning home on the road - Guandu

Change to go dike return trip

Machangding ~ final rest stop

Visit Thirteen originally thought would be a pretty boring thing
But after really stroll,Feeling is pretty good miles!
This activity seems to last until May,Interested please grasp ah ~

Thank you for watching ~
And so on - I did not seem to explain the reason King seaweed roar?
Ah…Explanation immediately offer

There are questions?

6 Responses

  1. starsheep Says |

    Seaweed how to become…….So strong
    I almost did not recognize the XD

  2. Baby Says |

    Cogito ergo sum..
    It is the Old Man

  3. Invincible handsome Bo Lishi Says |

    Feng brother…
    How to become a city ranger children..
    Remember His style is floated, ah
    He planted Euro Lotto…
    It is 75204..

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Oh ~ But a little before he Alumni"Strong"Right

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  6. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    He is now in Gone with the Wind ah ~

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