2009.04.11 Fertility cavalry line - Shilin ‧ SUBWAY

Re-break a leg break a true 是 這週
Provisional start a crow came 是,After deposition 內湖 來改
After while on the road,Another temporary change the Shilin
All because the relationship of starting too late na ~

A sincere night before the night shift,All night until dawn
Departure time is about two hours later than usual
Taking into account the security issues,Therefore changing location to within Lake
But after lunch,已晚 發現 time
Therefore only provisional decision directly in Shihlin exhumation
Avoid delayed till dark

The seaweed still very Cock
Last,Pressure group throughout 內湖 leave direct completion Cavalry Cavalry
Really Vajra seaweed..

Hashimoto large 會師 Hua Jiang

True non-line throughout 是 large solar

不得不躲一下,One under par fart flight order

GBS lost his little red in the side…

The GBS hand is doing?

Hyun Le

GBS speak ancient in


To Shilin foraging

Waishuanghsi beauty

在SUBWAY落腳,Is also the end of

Come back to see a kite,Actually bike styling,Oh

Racecourse cho ~ last open station

Today the sun is really great
Has been to remind other people water to be well prepared
Heat a thick 點中 而有 little self 卻喝 result,Really throw monkey to

Cavalry Cavalry years after complete stop stop excessive capital,Obvious physical deterioration of many
I hope that after a little rain! ~ Rare people become more yeah!

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  1. Super handsome Bo Lishi Says |

    I am every night would go Tataocheng running practice physical
    Encounter I remember I salute
    75204..Running Majin…

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Night only ride Racecourse cho only,Never quite found it to

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