2009.08.29 The fattening cavalry row - Yingge the ‧ lady Sushi

Report this Yayu name 參加 laver come 這週
Therefore, the location on the choice of easy riding Yingge
Tsukasa Auntie Soo Ah throughout its flight leave 沒找 exceed stutter order
But later, seaweed temporary emergency,So you just left Liao fertilizer to

In also chatted with Liao fertilizer
Cf the same period last year conditions,I feel the recent physical decline
Think do not know now all the mountains,Comparing short Cavalry
Unlike before all ride the afternoon due to

Cavalry arrives at the forest,I do not know weather factors,Buryo 太 是 return
Two people have begun to think how such a long road,A little impatient

Since starting earlier,Yingge 9:30
Had intended to point the drumstick cold noodles too hot no appetite but also to give up
Meal after,Before 10:00,He was ready to go home

沒多 久 Cavalry,Soon to be sweltering weather to surrender
Obviously only half past ten,I feel like already noon,Non-thermal 好 舒服
Under one small rest after Hashimoto 浮州 來在,Wed, LTD supplementation pieces

Continue after departure,Road construction stage throughout Gu Huan,Down and had to pull cars,
Although only a short,Unpleasant but the grass rose up the heat
After the completion of the bridge over Shinkai,Nap under the bridge,12:00

攤販 a beverage sold throughout the final 於看 Hashimoto Dahan 來在 after
Wed bite Ryouichi purchase,Did a few mouthfuls nibbling light,Under the bridge, killing time before continuing to ride..

Early in the morning the weather is a bit muffled

Think how to ride so long to Sinjhuang na ~ ~

Is a long road..

After Tsukasa Auntie Soo Ah 於到 final,Point of preserved eggs, cold noodles

Europe faintly it ~

Steamed egg with miso soup are very punctual,And only 15 yuan

Go away when,備妥 water source(夠喝 是 not return results)

Powder heat 是 return

See…All red

The floating State bridge QK

Xinhai underneath the nap to Kazakhstan,Yue heat Sleepwear 來越 later..

Oasis in the desert,Filling the two cans of water


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cries

這次 not see many pieces
On the one hand the old route,On the one hand is no power camera to call

Ryouichi rest next Tokimata Huazhong Bridge after reaching 來騎
Has been a long time without riding so tired
Endurance really changed for the better difference,I thought there should be a lot of long-distance riding..

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