2009.09.12 SFI the cavalry line - freshwater ‧ Yung embankment

Continuation of the last mention to training endurance
Freshwater 來騎 a distance 較遠 擇 election 這次
Originally urine fertilizer would like to eat once a lady Sushi
However it is too close to the Yingge away Ah Cheng home
So I changed it into a freshwater

From the last ride freshwater seems after several good months
Some sections of some change,I feel pretty each to sell to

會合 destination after Makoto Ali Atae fertilizer 跟廖 we 這次
關渡 會合 在 跟猴 來才 child after
Because the collection time is too early to get up .. Oh

Social neutrons,Appeared on camera
Everyone in the chat Sahara,An old gentleman who appears to scrape kick
I did not think his old man an opening gushing
Against Zan Ah Cheng fatigue bombing 20 minutes with
Just when my heart would like to say that he can go to a teacher
I did not expect him to just say he is a teacher…Mysterious Flame
Have been so poor Ah Cheng preaching ~ Oh listen to the teacher

Shezi beauty

Chatting and killing in

Dangdang when ~ ~ class Hello(The most distant is the teacher who)

(Ah Cheng:Finally the class was over)

The Kuantu front that period has not repaired,Long enough
But riding outside is not bad,Yumi aesthetic 稻田

Guandu meet with monkeys

To freshwater eat gei Hello to

Conventionally supposed to take a nap longer follow
Horse standing on 挑戰 來回 main raw 嗆說 manned result
Yung dike ass not take the heat and leave to return home a
狂 opposition came straight after,To Tataocheng twelve
We Tataocheng rest for 40 minutes

Before departure,Lin back tired
Sore feet when you come back to crying dad
Yaoshou ~

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