2009.6.13 Fertility cavalry line - Pinghsi the ‧ Lingjiao Falls

Call ~ Fortunately, weather forecasts are not allowed
The rate at which the heavenly rain 80 percent 是 說白 氣象
The night before, I have almost as it is impossible to make the trip a
Did not expect to wake up…Blue skies
That…Go ~ ~

是 好 more likely 廖肥 就跟 week on a flat 溪行 這次
I told Liao fertilizer while successful challenge Ilan
Momotaro group of orangutans and monkeys had to challenge oven successful
Red 當眼 們相 us only for a Dan 增肥 這讓
Therefore bound to find a place to let two big days of the group a good contest(The BH duo, flash side)

Early Mucha collection is completed immediately went to the purpose of starting
Ryo Hisashi 沒多 Cavalry,I told Azhong
"Today, to ride quickly,ok嗎?」
Azhong very Asha force,Said and Liao fat sound after
Began to normal walking speed of two men riding with Liao fertilizer
The way I turned back to see that no one off the team
See monkey bite tightly,Thought to "on the oven really 有两把刷子
Until a red light to stop,Monkey cried How are unwanted rest..
跟我 opposition 猴子 是 result,Azhong red with monkeys,So red flush..

To Sanchakou,Slight rest,Began today of the mountain
But the monkeys have been a little tired
Up the hill after,I did not expect Azhong really is not covered
Slowly began to throw off the monkey,Formation around last 兩隊 就
Azhong with my former,Liao fertilizer with monkeys in the post
Azhong also breath,But with the Daoting tight
Riding his 500 black so red,Really served him

Azhong with a report he rely on the evil forces to 500 black first

Monkeys delay,Information throughout its early self 餐來 帶著 return only..

3Kai individual customers Shimei surface

Sanchakou,Ueyama 嚕 preparation

Co-produced a(Liao fat your stomach is really big)

"You shoot me?"

Azhong distance with a monkey

Proud of Le

A bit of a rest in girl temple

Monkeys virtual

Azhong proud

Double-Jing Highway

~ Shore with Azhong said,Be will there ice

Jingtong Station Hello

A bunch of Wishing bamboo

First to a bowl of ice!

Go to Sungai Station in

Two Lanlansansan

An excited there spirit ..(Next to him, for long a bit like GBS ..)

Delicious sausage,Only 25 yuan,Meat with garlic flavor are enough

I heard that garlic will inspire some results…~ ~ ~ Cries

Pingxi Station

站 腳車 Mine

Who 禽獸 這對 stop 來制…

Train to La ~

Liao fertilizer this shoot long ah!!Powder dangerous yeah

Others not the next .. "

Dead Liao fertilizer stone me while I take pictures..

Lingjiao waterfall is reached

Next to that….蝴蝶 吧 是 應該

Ah-chung, said he let damselflies stopped in their hands..

Guiqiu damselflies monkeys do not move,好 让 他 抓

我 总 觉得 这张 姿势 有点 猥亵..

In monkeys to pray at the same time,Liao fertilizer has been caught several times..

Self-timer about ~

Photographed damselflies mating

Non-living natural exposure instinct 會忍 governor once 觸大 animal contact

Azhong going to explore

Experience this strange yet familiar environment

br />

Azhong in touch glans..

Azhong riding a turtle..

Yes 了 anti Keio daughter Yuzuru beans last a reducing other..

Dehiscence 啦 preparation

People home,The whole is very excited

The backhaul also a very fierce,Are soon told on

Go back to three at a crossroad,See a rather special teams ~ ~:)

Back after pit
Two beasts in order to see the sister,Comfort 了 bell twenty minutes each purchase buy incense bowel
Let me and Liao fertilizer blind roadside..

到 來回 at home after,Probably about two in the
Then 3:00 when it began to rain
Really good home ah ~:)

Today, I do not know in the excitement Han
Home did not even sleep,The now situation also ok
Seems Ilan line really got miles to

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    Swimming trunks men actually this time also with a mask…. Dragnet !! Dragnet!!
    Ask nameless or what a blog is relatively easy to use
    I also wanted to write a blog ~ ~

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    Principal Reply:
    For many people comparing anonymous
    Sky benefits is put unlimited photo space

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