2010.12.18 Fertility cavalry line - Pinghsi the ‧ Lingjiao Falls

Also completed a one stop multi-沒騎 Mon child 這陣,Last week, riding a community confinement,In the discussion of several points in this week riding,Which contains the Wulai、Maokong、A soft ocean Heping Xi,較少 溪 flat car of the last election 擇了,And Ah Cheng is also not riding this route。

Makoto Abe arrives at a telephone talk 晚接 說昨,When a small non-說能 Cavalry 晚 question,Original thought something,Cause why the results for 是 竟然Cold!!! Lang off ah ~ ~ you listen to him take a look!,Is it a one as 752 iron can easily say if,As a friend, I,A resolute resolutely 對他 說 Chinrin 如此 Makoto Abe for blocking completion…Not allowed!!!

So everybody is on schedule to 7:30In the Mucha collection,Monkeys, as expected, to give up to participate in this trip..

The old place - the fat silk of his house opposite the collection

Crawling…Be called real men(In 發抖)

Departure!!Soon came to the Zoo,Ping Lu, this ride is a bit slow
Yes 點悶 來騎 arrives later..

Up the hill after,First breather in the girl near the temple
The mountains did not really cold where the sun is shining..

Stone anchor approach,Is an excellent weather
Basking in the cold air is really a very enjoy

At this time,Liao fat "ah ~ ~ ~ cries of" sound
Suddenly turned into a Superman mask..

Impression,Paragraphs slope is long and stinking to Pinghsi the Green Road
Rhythm adjustment today may well,The feel is very smooth on Jingtong station

Street on the desolate,In addition to the cold weather factor
Sharp drop in bicycle boom is also one of the reasons

In addition to Qiyuan Ban,The goal for hanging suspended Daiki 啦 也成 current series

Favorite of tourists lying on rails movement .. the one side stand the signs,Informed that this will be fined money drops ~

Street of Pingxi each station are a short period of,Quickly left Jingtong,Go to the next stations.

The weather is good to not work,But the temperature is still low
Therefore, it becomes hot and cold situations..

Pinghsi spring tofu ~ per trip must visit the store one
Their tofu is particularly matte finish,Good to eat,But today, given a sweet soup taste a little bit short

To ask how good tofu,From Liao fertilizer to meet the look can be learned

Intestine of incense 這家 也是 必點,Holidays often have to queue
But now…Half a person,Completion time early thickness

Pingxi station,Proceed 站 Gu good car arrives Tues Tsuyoshi

A sincere first time,Posed for pictures with the carry rods about

Patent 溪車 站 away,To carry the car down the stairs
Unconsciously blood up,Simply the way to down a Qula!!!

The next step is to go to the destination Lingjiao station

Old Street 站有 several individual image 站不 front 腳車 Mine
Side can be the place to visit .. is the station

Terminal ~ Lingjiao, waterfall arrived

Very old one entrance

遊樂 cloth pieces gu 也是 曾經 腳瀑 Mine,However, because accidents are frequently reported
關閉 last flight,Evolved into a deserted look today

A few days thanks to the former rain to give the,Today's large water falls
So that we can experience a magnificent visual、Auditory feast shock

Previous water level was increased by a few meters
Completion of large multi-Ukigi Kyota formerly 來比 這次

The weather suddenly overcast suddenly clear,Author 忽冷 忽熱 也跟 氣溫

In the case of good weather, sitting meditation here is really a pleasure

Originally intended to co-productions,But could not find anything to cushion the camera
More half also,Just last good 兩個 來啦 兩個

Two sluts

Unknowingly already 11:00,Will depart for the hit back to the House.

Front of the car,Tues car arrives at a good distance 站 Gu Gang

Return trip,Do not know in high Han,All the way to ride more smoothly the more
Uphill,Also rushing in riding,Not long return to the commanding heights

Go to the mountains to walk around feeling really good in the good weather

Followed by A Cheng Liao fertilizer arrived one after another

A Cheng said his foot was cramping,Is preparing to go back speak with Liao fat
Liao fertilizer has lagged behind the unknown distance,Because Liao fat almost cramp…

Arrives at last completed a three-forked road 會兒 rest,Kill all the way home
By the way ~ Liao fat in order to keep out the cold,Also with a secret weapon ~ ~ ~ complement pull A

A majority of car heat 溫了 later 已經 tide line of its own susceptibility Akira arrives 以明 accepted 這趟,Ride a mountain road in the past to see the road car,I will say "road car yeah.",Did not think the passage of time,Liao fertilizer hear the riders in front of a road, he said, "mountain bike yeah,至于 小 折 嘛…Did not seem to occur today。

Back in the afternoon,Whole Tuisuan to not,Finally understand where to run with the use of the rider is completely different。This year the impression as if only ridden a trip to Wulai,Never up to the mountains,Therefore, do not ride a mountain road even if there is useless in the running,At most, only less tired of it。

Originally want to say this year fertility cavalry line actually did not take photographs,Think again,Only to find that this year is simply almost no uphill,I did not expect so soon,It seems next to a lot of uphill ~ ~~

Xie Xie, Osamu N

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