2010.12.4 The bando ~ to breaking coffee Jiefeng

Time off really fast,Breaking coffee to the United States six months,Everybody previously made an appointment to come back when the family get together,After the first two weeks and broke off discussions scheduled for yesterday's coffee to dinner,So whenever you two on Monday in preparing what you want。

  原本計劃要買鍋薑母鴨及相關配料,再買一些熱炒類來配,但人算不如天算,But later become a great part of the dish to cook by themselves。First, there is the business of ginger duck at noon shop can not be found,只能到大賣場買冷凍的薑母鴨,再另外準備配料,接著在跟老媽討論菜色時,老媽一直說「這個自己煮很簡單啦!」「這個買現成的量很少啦,自己煮比較新鮮啦!」就這樣,要準備的菜色逐漸增加,In the end, more than half had their own cook。

  昨天一早就起來準備食材(其實前一晚就開始弄了),到了十點半,廖肥跟肥帛就先到了,放個影片給他們看後就繼續去廚房忙,After everyone arrived too。Left last time,掰咖已經餓翻了,所以讓大夥先開動了~




  飯後大伙兒哈拉了好一會兒,之後放了「約會喔麥尬」來看,劇情還不錯,Some of the humor is quite funny。After reading,Kintaro members to first say goodbye for home。


打NBA是個極費精力的運動~沒上場的球員做適度的休息BeAbsolutely necessary

Fertility group in war with Momotaro

Today is a nice day,Although a little tired,But still fun to play,Everybody have a good time no such a poly,After start,To meet becomes a very easy thing,Some people like this, or for some reason can not participate,Is quite a pity drops,Dinner only look forward to next time La ~


When the crowd dispersed、Dead of night,I was waiting for these boys..

  Ha ~ joy after losing it!

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  1. T Says |

    I would like to ask the other person….

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    They say delicious,Said I could get married..

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