2011.1.1 Fattening cavalry line - Maokong

New Year's Day to do? Right to participate in the flag-raising ceremony!? of course not!! Of course, is a wound,Set foot on the starting line of this year's fertility cavalry,By the way, that we belong to greet the first dawn ~

Although today's temperature of less than ten degrees,Despite high into the wee hours last night, New Year's Eve(Whether indoors also outdoor),I told the urine fertilizer or early to get up at six,While some uncomfortable up,But to go out to breathe fresh air after,Up on whole blood。(Although soon to be head wind blowing to Fight…)

Fast arrival at the rendezvous,The phone rings,Urine fat bad news,Tire leak ..,I did not expect this kid gave me on New Year's first shot blasting,Fortunately just today only two of us ride,Simply go to his house to look at,After the assessment,Liao decides to request additional fertilizer ride off a small hill。

Although today lacks the sun,Very low temperature,But the feeling did not like the first two weeks as cold ride Pinghsi,May be related to wear pants today it ~ Ha。

While many cloud sky,But let us see the departure of a beautiful dawn

Liao fat "break practice",He had changed little ride off to battle

A long time did not ride Maokong,We have forgotten the case of the slope

Liao said continuous fat…"After this bend ~ is flat it!"

Although some steep,But almost throughout all'll edge Sahara while riding ~~~

While riding side chatting last night to see the fireworks can empty a cat's point

Results unknowingly to the destination of the@@

Urine fertilizer cried, "I managed to ride up a little off!"
Liao fat…This really should not ride more than two years from a person's mouth to say ah!

Since the cat cable resume operation,So different from the past desolate,We can already see some tourists

After the car stopped,Contact Liao fertilizer to the side of the trail beating

I do not know why the cat cable Hours,Originally I thought would not open so early miles

He walked went to an outlet,Some stopped to Sahara

Return ago,Then glance


Since no point above,Plus the weather was cold,So there is no stay too long on the downhill,The entire process only took two hours back and forth,Other points are shorter than many,Although the weather was cold,But the mountain feeling is good。

unconsciously,Fertility cavalry team also set up more than two and a half,Although last year almost no uphill,The bus frequency much less than in previous years,But we still have not closed! I think this is cool bike craze is now hard to come by。This year I have some ideas,I think part of the route will try to dismiss boring Tataocheng、Shetzu trip,Punch with it - the kids!

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