2011.10.29 Fertility the the cavalry line - Tataocheng ‧ bridgehead Aberdeen tube rice cakes again

The month easy riding trip and then the situation,Originally scheduled to ride Shezi
But this week there are new members join,U.S. 糕啦 stutter also 跑去 於是…

This time, the new members are Rita and GBS girlfriend
Rita is not a novice,He had previously been to bear empty it ~
According Armory forum to row, then
He can be discharged "Class B:Jiao Li Yong (Yongwangzhiqian type) "The,Gee ~

Originally expected 752 people would be more and more,I did not expect to participate in the final but only GBS
Obviously everyone a whole is ad hominem..

But surprisingly GBS finally bring friends girlfriend
Just really too quiet,I spoke,He almost did not hide GBS arms..
Lang off ah….I have such a terrible it!!

Even a group of picnic outside Nizi,Boxing also is starting to come..

From this we can see the extent of everyone's hungry

Not long before departure,Someone had to be so hungry

GBS and Mrs. GB….Seems a bit ugly roar

Today, the weather is very good,Sunny,But not too hot

Masked group appeared again,But this Gangster Substitution

There is nothing like jumping in the park of rehearsals…


Gangster chasing thin Han,Hold him still more to ride the faster

~~~ End was blocked after the cover bag

XX Group's trading site,Wherein chiefs also warned reporters..

Cindy ride a roadside cursing dog Machi,Because Machi just staged a "not free,Or give me death "of drama Bump code

This lovely to ~ ha ha

Not easy to tune na ~

a happy day,Go forward to the direction of home ~


After the car came to mansion,I did not expect other colleagues also met,Coincidence ~

Today the sun than the last big points,Cindy second half a little hard
Rita was actually risen to the highest speed I want to cut to the chase before he
obviously,This tour did not let him through to addiction
To make arrangements to appear after about a

only………I do not know when we can travel out of rice cakes na

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  1. Hud A Says |

    Nigeria Nigeria Kankan..
    People fell to Sao GB(Really hard to hear)

    Packages have eaten too fat
    I want to change the share of the

    Boss ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Under pool ~~~ Go

    Anson Reply |
  2. 我不是大佬,我是隨堂 Says |

    I now see this Jesus….@@

    Ni-ni regaling

    Anson Reply |

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