2011.5.29 Fertility cavalry line - Shezi

Had originally planned this year all the mountains,Do not ride Riverside
However, recently, looking for a colleague to ride,And therefore particularly by Sunday to accompany riding trip
Coming three years military fleet formation 增肥 是 這也,First time female compatriots

Through early as to the weather is really good to an explosion,The day before the typhoon had just swept miles,Weather Forecast prospective to
Liao fat do not know is particularly high because of mui tsai participation or what
Early on to the collection at the,Le results .. I told him one on one side,Reciprocal ten minutes,Enough to throw the monkey

是 在 missions set new rules Aries same University
However, he is also a two-light arrived early but can not find the car rental at
Will continue on the road gigs ~ ~

See Aries dress,I think shorties..

GBS plus the Dodge power..

Finally, again a masked suit .. there are other better adjective?

Today the weather is really good to a crying dad,Long time no sun

To start killing after Shezi,Each groan 碎碎 Kazunao Ali Road Earl simultaneous,Some than with the previous teacher..

没 做 太久 就 启程 返家,Return trip to see the flowers along the finishing is very good

由于 接下来 还有 摊,且Aries有點凍未條,Shortcut

Fleeing 嗎 employee 是 在 演全 now?

We should also interval of six months did not ride Riverside a
Some road renovations,Throughout the larger bar many,Feeling every sale

Yes Minato 點緊 stroke 這天,Afternoon they killed Ilan,So Shezi did not sit for too long
好 沒抓 degree 跟速 這次 distance we,Aries有被操到,The Hud loaded still strong
But probably also the end of the,The next week is going to change to another new classmates play to stay tuned

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  1. Hud A Says |

    Thank you both my dear friend loyalty to this one riding quite similar
    Yo West!!

    I would like to ask .. that head hair is mine hit you
    Exploded is how explosive ugly uh

    Ministry of riding students expect I
    ~ ^ ^ ~ 歡迎 ardent

    Also look forward to see you again

    Anson Reply |

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