2011.5.29 Fertility line - Nanfangao

Matter before a multi-line 已是 兩年 增肥 get mentioned on the primary
Members was a rare fertility gigs ride Pinghsi
Yilan killing horses required under decision ascendency 就 one o'clock

Back to breaking cafe the day before like crazy
Yilan horse killed under complete car sitting 了 We also provide 於是
Time to discuss with breaking coffee,就定 draft finalized after input line
Originally Liao fertilizer something can not talk to,But finally managed to act like a man turned down other miscellaneous things ~ Oh


Arrival in toucheng,

Each region 是 好 靈的 heart precipitation 絕對 Eastern

And eat the Yugeng surface in Jiaosi

National Highway No. 5,Go Nanfangao

Relaxed start

End 畢 發洩,Men's talk

The back burner for years,Other waste water 了 mutton stutter Corps 於給 final 這次

價不 small swell up,Meat less,But the taste or praise

Tofu is more punctual

Stutter and fart best shots from throughout East Park 來移 rack after

To flash when,Two meow lying in breaking cafes roof,Oh

The en route Cameroon a small M

Then,Tragedy,Drink the whole cup down on the car mat

Home has more than 9:00,Today is a full day
Everybody Duman fun,And they seem to have been eating ~ Oh
What a perfect trip fertility line!

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  1. Hud A Says |

    In addition to perfect I have nothing to say
    (That tofu is good attractive yo)
    Introduction praise!

    Really punctual

    Anson Reply |

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