2011.5.7 Fertility cavalry line - the Three Gorges

Although fertility group with BH duo has always been incompatible
But the heart of the spirit of compassion,舊之 峽懷 journey three main driving 這趟 參與 GBS 邀 flight 這回

Three Gorges ~ This is my first time with Liao fat go up the mountain by a point
After the impression as if never been to walk Ankeng,Motorcycle does have a few times..
Then ride the breath whistling,There are intermediate pause,Go Shihai Gorges cramp ha ~
This time may be different greatly


GBS late,I thought he was not coming,The phone also empty..

Members today:Liao fat、Ah Cheng、GBS

Start small mountain

Try to destroy Speed,Unconsciously, just like everyone distance,Stopped to slap

GBS…You see this is the way you ride side by side in the middle of the road,Spanking

Three Gorges,Stores are not open,No place to eat,No place to sit..

Finally in a very Fuxiang of GBS do ending ~ Oh

Two weeks weather is shade,I feel not enough high,Pity

This time, Liao fat in a hurry,No stay too long
Return trip,Try to challenge not shift back ride
Did not think I would have succeeded

When fighting,Ah Cheng received a phone call
Thought he lost,The results turned out to be home,This BH..

Sure enough, or more fun than riding a mountain of Riverside
To fill this year's riding mountain riding!

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