6/21 Freshwater ‧ Fisherman's Wharf

We're back,Successful conquest of freshwater
A complete sense of remembrance Cavalry,ReallyOver 癮

This journey has involved Liao fat、Fat silk with me
Prior to departure, all three'm looking forward to

Liao fertilizer night before 10 o'clock to go to bed early,To train today's physical
Fat silk is high to all night (although I am more convinced that because of the annoying interview)
The previous day 800 ocean broken brake line for a good,and installation of the water bottle rack
I spent the 1100 ocean to replace the grip,and installation of horns、Bags and bells

Play here suddenly thought,I did not even give these things shoot up,Chew on..
Of freshwater fishing 碼頭 people sitting farthest reach 這次,Round-trip ride 84 km,Something to spend the eight hours
About 3 hours eating and chatting and killing time (fertility group Well ~

此 report arrives at destination,See photos

The first rest stop,Shezi Island (the Keelung and Tamsui River junction),Mileage of about 25 km
Ryo Ohashi 關渡 reach 以看 accepted 已經 這邊,A true 很棒 landscape 這裡
禮拜 when 來這 on,Good weather,But unfortunately did not bring a camera

Morning, the weather is not very good,We still want to say it will rain…Take out the effect of poor

Sahara and killing

BMW fat silk

The red Shuangsha of I Liao fat

Freshwater Street to Hello!
Finish A to,Out of the first film to a,是 ferry 碼頭 這邊

Well-known A to the old

Map here is called "Rong embankment,顧名 思義,邊是 Yoju a 這邊,One side is the dike
Road is very small strips,But the wind,Very comfortable,Stop for a moment in this

噴了 removed 帛跑 fertilizer climate 這時,Nothing else then the three car close-up look

Fisherman's 碼頭 Koreya,Mileage of 47 km of
Leakage 臉了 full sun each integer 已經 這時,hot to no one
From uncover the scene of the follow-up series of crazy to buy drinks

Small close-up,Again a

See fat silk grim expression,You can imagine how high the temperature at the time

Zhang came 寫再 a special car

Return the rest Station ~ Tataocheng,,Mileage…Does not matter!

Help them lovers a group photo

Take their own

Liao fat car with him (brother)

Again a

Fat silk with his BMW
Help fat silk clarify,曬黑 a factor for non-絕對 是 other 麼黑 臉那..


Many non-beat piece of shining 這次,Took only several representatives of the point
Another return route and GO,Last Chingmei when mileage is 84 km

Statistics - the last one under
Eat ~ ~ 100 yuan (includes A to、Fish soup and 16 per egg)
~ ~ More than one hundred yuan to drink (a few bottles of drinks)
The fertility OK ~ ~ ~ priceless


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