8/2 Pinglin ‧ Shenkeng

We're back…
Its most consternation primary iron horse line Shigeyuki 以來 稱是 以堪 allowed travel 之 Pinglin a 這次
Thought perhaps embark on the return home of the road from the pit at noon,Result…I underestimated 106-B County Road

Today early departure,Less than 7:30 on the starting,Tide a road car for a 是 閃北 宜
Liao The fertilizer Yesterday purchase a handsome hood (mask),I did not expect today has become a cumbersome
Set foot on the Taipei-Ilan highway about as five kilometers,Liao fertilizer signaled to stop and drink water
Because the mask has made him a bit hypoxia ~
Very lost monkey,Stopped after,Lin Cup Liao fertilizer took the lead
A stop to the whole head dizzy (originally riding good condition)
So we are on the road to rest 40 minutes long

Continue on the road after,All good,Although the front is full of endless uphill,Still be regarded as a smooth all the way
High-end system 點後 anchor stone 了 於到,The next step is more than 10 km long downhill section
Was whirlwind speed to 45km when,The feeling is definitely not the only one "cool" word to describe

沒多久我們就到了坪林老街了,After the slightly appropriate rest,106-B County Road began looking for
When I saw the 106-B County Road,My heart has been cold half
Psychological thinking, "This is a small and steep road,How when the County Road Well ~
Try to go to another,To see if they can pass individual provisions
Walking a short after,Determined really want to go that last
Liao fertilizer also from other cycling passers confirm indeed go he bloody mountain road

Short after the hard climb,Liao fertilizer proposal before break
Rest and then after the road,Immediately encounter a dangerous upward slope,Return one hard start Gi1eng1
彎道 one over after completion,See behind all this is the slope
Anjiu announced "abandon! Use pull"
After one-step path 牽了,Again rest on gentle place,Come to realize that pull also tired of people

Rest finished,Continue to ride,Then encountered downhill…
Although so cool,But psychological count…"According to this view,Be may also climbing "
Really…沒多 久 over,Started uphill,Insurance upward slope followed by
The same ~ after a corner,Renounced again!

One 會兒 牽了,One proposal under 換我 rest 這次
Rest one result….I was dizzy ~ ~ ~ And this last long,One super uncomfortable
And the time has come damn 12:00 noon,臉中 sun exposure…

Liao fertilizer was thinking what should I do Mile…
Look back? ,There are more than thirty kilometers away na!
Forward? ,We pull the die to live was led by a 1 kilometer na!
Yoyo 牽的 是 several chestnut who face a reducing organic intellectual Dogo…

Rest finished,Continue to "pull the car"…
This uphill in fact, probably only about two kilometers Total
不過我剛上Google Map看,Light of these two km took us taken to a height of 600 meters from the ground na!
Last,A splash under circumstances 吐白 點口 兩人 於在 final difference,Reached the summit
And happily,Going forward, I looked,Can conjecture followed by the opportunity to "all" downhill
Really,We have a dozen kilometers of the mountain again Hurricane,Way directly Shihting - pit

~ 了 點半 是 已經 one at last reaches deep wells
We were looking for a casually eat a spicy tofu! ~
But leave only think…All the way to only think of eating,To pit completely forgot about the camera thing…Ha

The first break point,Liao fertilizer uncomfortable,We hung 是 a result

來的 path on the Cavalry

雙煞 rubra

Weak useless

Stopped to drink water (close Shihting)

Shihting not far in front

Shihting,Gu 曾相 於見 not reach a final….Downhill

Crossroad,Prior Shihting downtown road

Connected Fig.,Most of the people are walking through Shihting

Close Pinglin,Chaomei a point,Like sewage treatment station is also what Wangao the

Liao fertilizer wear stockings (Liao fertilizer with time along the way are not quite right,Encountered along the uphill,Ha ha)


Stream water reflecting the sky Blue,Turns blue-green,Beauty

Again a

The United States to the dumbfounded to

Pinglin to Hello!

At this time, the psychological only word to "7-11 nice"

Thorn 胎被 break wheel 媽媽 這家 people,Dealers boss fill tires (and later the family as we pull the car Hill…)

106County Road B high ground,Touching moment (what? Try hitting the brakes! I only see Do not apply the brakes…)

A village 爬坡 兩公 牽了

Shihting to also

Still the same ~ 7-11 nice

Forget the shine in the pit,Simply complement Mucha one to Kazakhstan

One large iron plate iron horse 這次 踢到 budget line,But we finally a limped the whole journey
Mountain road,Really is not covered!


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