9/6 Pingxi & Fattening day trip to Luodong Night Market

The back burner, more than two years,Fattening four old finally reunite
Although it is only a short day,~ 很不 是 啊 easy return

Today's destination is Pinghsi
In addition to participants outside the fattening group,There BH duo (GBS with shorties)
This trip also re-breaking number of fattening cavalry line up to participate in the record
And participants from all over Taiwan, the whole is back
Namely Taichung(Fat silk)、Changhua(Breaking coffee)、Hualien(Shorties)、Ilan(GBS)
I told Liao fat is only representative of the Taipei
Encompasses the eastern part of the North,'re Just south of the…

And this is also not particularly about everyone back together
Almost always just a holiday to come back to Taipei
It is really a rare pink ah ~

This tour will be arranged Pinghsi is to say it will rain in the afternoon
So try to rush you can go home before noon
But I never thought it did not rain it wants…

But also because of the shorter stroke
SFI group chat at the moment Lingjiao waterfall afternoon decided to fatten Lo eastbound trip!

BH duo said he needed to buy and eat breakfast
They even result in convenience stores stroll ten minutes long…

The involvement of staff
(Fertilizer silk bad situation,You pick up a handsome pose special ..)

Set off! Close to Mucha Zoo

After sub-factions to Jingtong station,Group eat hot,The number of eating ice
(This booth is hot)

Oh well faction…Shorties responsible photos

A goal down after starting to eat

I said he was like a strange old man now

~ ~ Fat fat double silk and Liao fat

GBS still insists on not to shoot,This can also hide…

The coffee is breaking her sister's car ride fat silk,Gifted more!

Pinghsi Station Arrival,This is also good curd

Next is today's destination - Lingjiao station

Lingjiao waterfall,Only my friends and found a lock
Last five locks,The six challenges,There lineup Oh!


Photo a

Hello falls down Lingjiao

Fat silk heroic

This also brought a camera to shoot ND,But pretty shot failed…Ha

Everyone started chatting and killing

Strange old man took off his jacket shorties

GBS reoccurred

I do not know what busy…

BH duo caught rape scene

They simply transferred to the pile of grass…

More run farther…

I continued to shoot waterfalls…

NCCU ready to go back to foraging friends ~

This seems to be breaking coffee first positive…

On the sidewalk is not convenient then radially….
So on a whim sector it! Wink

Target ~ ~ Dianwei kitchen

Ready to start it

~ Strange old man has appeared eat it


Everybody just went home after the toilet
Rest will turn to fertility OK staged

Breaking coffee drove his bo-bo-ㄨ ㄨ members along the way to pick up fattening
Romania also opened a fertility eastbound prelude ~ ~ ~

The coffee when shipped to the breaking oh ~ ~

Forever passengers(I am also friends),Liao fat ~ ~

Do not have to drive miles rare silk fat!

Ilan is coming up,Stopped to admire the entire Ilan

Already dusk,And a lot of clouds,But the feeling is great na!

This is called ~ ~ ~ increase! Fat! OK!

Forget all unhappy,Is to enjoy the moment

East End ~ target Luo Shuang night market ~ ~ GO!


After the downhill I did not take pictures
Primarily days are dark,Do not want to eat at that photograph to the ~ ~
So no photos behind you ~ ~ ~

After Luo Dong Night Market
Originally going to eat the sheep broth,The result is long queues
So we decided to give up eating

After gradually eat steamed dumpling、Bu meat、Qing Caocha、Tofu、Four soup and a bowl of ice is not small
Everyone stays are good to eat - but very enjoyable:)
After eating on the road back to Taipei Hello ~

Side story:
Ilan way to go when you go,I've been paying attention to Ilan slope Pinglin
Because the last ride Pinglin have experience,Therefore, in assessing the feasibility of Ilan ride
It seems that at present no major problems should,I hope soon after the implementation of this route Hello!

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  1. shaila Says |

    I logged on members of
    But ……I don't like it
    One just came to see a bunch of men and women
    Feeling a little miscellaneous
    I still like bbh world
    I obediently back to my bbh good ^ ^"

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I thought it was who le..
    Momentary reaction, however,Whole do not understand what you say .. Oh
    You said it should be sky tribal Home!
    I do not really like the Home,So almost never been
    Men and women..
    Speak as though you are a monk…Throw monkey

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