Manually create a shortcut to unity starter

ubuntuAdd program shortcuts starter in the ubuntu right of unity,If installed applications,Select only need to right-click in the execution of the program the lock to start,General executable file must be new startup icon on the desktop, right-click choose ",This shortcut to manually drag it to the taskbar,But rose 12.10,Desktop, right-click, can not find a new start icon "option,本来 想 透过 "myunity" 这只 程式 来 达到,But myunity not support 12.10,Had the whole manual production。


The first is to create a startup icon,Add a blank file,The contents of the file are as follows:

[Desktop Entry] Name=gyazo                                                         //Name GenericName=Captrue screen and upload.                             //Program Description Exec=/home/anson/gyazo                                             //檔路 徑 enforcement Comment=                                                           //Comment Icon=/usr/share/icons/Humanity/categories/48/applications-ruby.svg //Icon path Type=Application                                                   //Type

Archive,将 副 档 名 存 成. Desktop,And set the executable。

You can then use this file drag it to the starter to。



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