The outside another GCIN-HIME

HimeSince five years ago to use ubuntu,Import laws sound a GCIN 了 lyrics on a gradual recurrence 就愛,A while back also learned GCIN for windows version,Also the company's computer fitted GCIN,GCIN最棒的地方除了選字較精準外,Convenient coinage function,Build vocabulary,The number of process inputs can also significantly reduce the selected word。Let me compare GCIN vexing part is that import function lexicon,這幾 coming years,Whenever reperfusion ubuntu,Have a high probability of failure occurs when the import thesaurus,Goh 了 nose 摸摸 是 past governor,Want to say at the most to rebuild the pictures。

The refilled ubuntu from last 3 years,ubuntu gradually more and more mature,Compared reduces their willingness to update,But mainly it should still own lazy。Back to the topic,After class 升 這回,Encountered the same import thesaurus,Since the past few years, I've accumulated a lot of glossaries,So still want to succeed import thesaurus。After trying to update the version GCIN,But even edit thesaurus feature is not available,來的 專案 out 衍生 GCIN obey 這個 Yes HIME throughout nursing staff before the child arrives after 來想,Inmo disparity 沒 GCIN 跟 best remembered measurement 試只 當時,Trial finished removed,This time you want to say to try HIME import thesaurus function。


Yes 點 problem 也是 HIME start one measure test,Later updated the latest version 0.9.9,Classifieds 備份 a destination before calculating governor 匯入 success,So I think I'll invest in the HIME the arms it,Ha!



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