Apache、MariaDB、PHP stand-alone installation

  早年使用AppServ架的網站遭入侵,一直查不出原因,Want to update Apache、PHP、MySQL version but is limited to the compatibility of Joomla kits can not be,之後又要遇到需要另外新增一個網站的需求,本打算改使用XAMPP,但在閱讀XAMPP官方文件時,赫然看到官方並不建議將此軟體用於正式環境,若非得使用,官方雖有建議調整部份設定值,以提高安全性,但又提醒你,這只能稍微增加一點點安全性而已(好直白的官方啊~哈),So it hands to install Apache independent study、MariaDB、PHP and phpMyAdmin。

Each kit installation process is as follows:


  • 下載msi(x64),直接安裝
  • 設root密碼
  • 取消勾選Enable access from remote machines for ‘root’ user,To reduce the risk
  • 勾Use UTF8 as default server’s character set



  • Download the zip file to Apache Haus(x64)
  • unzip,Look at readme_first.html Description
  • Copy the directory to the desired location Apache24
  • Open httpd.conf,Define SRVROOT set path,Such as D:\WebApache24
  • Options Indexes FollowSymLinks found in the Apache httpd.conf,Deleted Indexes,Browse the catalog avoid being
  • Execution httpd.exe,To browser to localhost,To see whether the correct
  • CMD input”httpd.exe -k install”,The Apache set to services(-K uninstall to remove)



  • Download the zip file(x64 Thread Safe, There is a saying Non Thread Safe to use IIS)
  • unzip,Copy the directory to the desired location,The change php.ini-production php.ini
  • Open the Apache httpd.conf,Add the following content
  • #指定php.ini存放的資料夾位置
    PHPIniDir "D:\Web\php-7.1.5"
    LoadModule php7_module "D:\Web\php-7.1.5\php7apache2_4.dll"
    #指定附檔名是 .php .php3 .phtml .inc 的程式都為 php 程式
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .phtml .inc
    #指定附檔名是 .phps 時,把內容視為 hightlight 的原始碼輸出到網頁
    AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps .phpsource

  • In Apache's httpd.conf,Find DirectoryIndex,Behind the increase in index.php
  • Add a index.php file,Put D:\WebApache24htdocs,Follows:

  • Browser to open index.php,Confirm information can be seen php



  • Download the zip file,unzip,Copy to Apache24 htdocs
  • Open PHP's php.ini
  • Remove the #extension_dir = “ext”The notes #,”ext”Changed”D:\Webphp-7.1.5ext”
  • Remove the # extension = php_mbstring.dll the # comment
  • 拿掉#extension=php_mysqli.dll的#註解

 –2019/01/05 Update

  • The config.sample.inc.php changed its name to config.inc.php
  • Open config.inc.php,To find $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’],Fill in single quotation marks later 32 Digit password,Direct to find a password generator to generate enough。
  • Add the line $cfg[‘PmaNoRelation_DisableWarning’] = ‘true’;,Avoid the error message out of phpMyAdmin,Calls for the establishment table。



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