MDaemon apply for the SSL certificate

MDaemon has a built-in function to generate a credential,But does not export this certificate to submit relevant information to a third party verification,So If you want a third party SSL certificate verification unit to apply for credentials by MDaemon,Can refer to Comodo Teaching provided,Through the Windows program to achieve this certreq.exe。


1. Add a plain text file,Enter the following,Coexist as CSRParameters.inf,Among”Subject”and”KeyLength”According to the actual needs modification。

  [NewRequest]  Subject=",OU=Comodo CA Limited,O=Comodo CA Limited,S=New Jersey,L=Clifton,C=US"  KeySpec=1  KeyLength=2048  Exportable=TRUE  MachineKeySet=TRUE  SMIME=False  PrivateKeyArchive=FALSE  UserProtected=FALSE  UseExistingKeySet=FALSE  ProviderName="Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider"  ProviderType=12  RequestType=PKCS10  KeyUsage=0xa0  Silent=TRUE  [EnhancedKeyUsageExtension]  OID=  

2. Generating input command file .pem。


3. The resulting profile pem,Application submitted to the website SSL certificate。


4. After obtaining third-party certificate .crt,Like Import Certificate through certreq.exe。


5. Open MDaemon,Enter "Security" - "Security Settings" - "SSL & TLS」-「MDaemon」。


6. Check the following two:
Enable the delicated SSL ports for SMPT, IMAP, POP3 servers


7. Below you can see just import certificate,If you have multiple credentials,Be sure to click on the certificate you want to use,Press Apply,And click "Restart servers"。


8. Next to the "Security" - "Security Settings" - "SSL & TLS」-「WordClient (web address)」。


9. Due to the different transceivers with my Webmail server URL,So there are two application credentials,So WordClient here I want to select another certificate,Press Apply,And click "Restart web server."。


10. Upon completion of the test can be related settings,Webmail can be seen green lock。



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